June 4, 2014

(NFN) = no first name provided

(NLN) = no last name provided

Naming convention for each volume is: volume number, issue number (i.e.v22n3 for volume 22, no. 3)




P.O.W. Camp, v29n1:21-25

P-51 Mustangs, v38n3:13

PA, v11n3:5, v16n3:5, v17n2:13

PA, v17n2:5

PA, v4n1:10, v5n4:22, v8n4:85, 87-88, 94-97, v11n1:11, v13n1:20, v13n2:24, v16n2:12, v18n4:15, v19n1:16, v23n1:11, v23n3:8, v24n3:11, v24n4:19, v25n2:17, v25n4:20, v26n4:1, v27n1:10-12, v28n1:13, v31n4:6, 25, v34n2:4, v36n2:16, v37n1:27

Pace Cemetery, v22n3:9

Pace Creek, v22n3:9

Pace Institute, v7n1:10

Pace, A Supplement To Pace, Your Family and Mine, v11n3:28

Pace, A. J., v1n2:19, v1n4:31-32, v5n2:6, 9, v8n3:81, v13n1:18, v22n4:31, v23n1:28, 39, v23n2:45, v23n3:30, v25n3:41, v28n1:28, v29n1:34, v29n2:25, v30n1:23, v30n4:40, v31n3:29, v31n4:28, v33n2:26

Pace, A. L., v3n3:17, v21n2:30, v21n3:30, v25n3:9

Pace, Alford, v2n1:7

Pace, Alla B., v2n2:29

Pace, Allen, v2n3:18

Pace, Andrew J., v13n1:18-19, v31n1:33

Pace, Anna, v22n3:11

Pace, Annie, v22n3:11

Pace, B., v5n2:6

Pace, Barton Ulmer, v2n2:29

Pace, Bechard, v7n3:78

Pace, Burnll, v7n3:78

Pace, Burrel, v2n3:35

Pace, Burrell, v5n2:9, v21n2:34, v21n3:36, v22n3:11

Pace, Buswell, v2n1:7

Pace, C. A., v2n3:16

Pace, Charles S., v31n1:44

Pace, Comer, v37n2:18

Pace, Cora A., v2n3:16

Pace, Cora, v2n1:39

Pace, Dempsey, v2n1:6, v3n4:8, v7n3:78, v11n3:19, 21, 27, v17n4:22, v22n2:28, v22n3:9, 11, v23n1:39, v23n2:45, v31n4:28

Pace, Demsay, v22n2:18

Pace, Demsey, v1n1:16

Pace, Dewey, v7n3:78

Pace, Dillie, v22n3:11

Pace, Drewcilla, v2n3:35

Pace, E. J., v29n1:12, 17

Pace, Eddie, v35n1:14

Pace, Edwin Y., v2n2:29

Pace, Elizabeth F., v23n3:21

Pace, Elizabeth, v2n3:11, v8n1:5, v11n3:21, 23, v15n1:30, v18n1:8, v22n3:9

Pace, Fern B., v36n2:15

Pace, Frances H., v10n2:10

Pace, Frederic, v2n3:35

Pace, Frederick, v1n1:16, v11n3:19, 21-23, 25-27, v22n3:9, 11

Pace, G. W., v3n3:17, v19n2:30, v20n4:35, v25n3:9, v26n1:35

Pace, G.w., v21n2:29

Pace, Gayle, v36n2:15

Pace, Gilum, v1n1:16

Pace, Gincy A., v22n3:9

Pace, H. L., v7n2:39, v21n3:30

Pace, Hamilton L., v17n3:29

Pace, Hardy F., v17n4:33

Pace, Harriet, v22n3:9

Pace, Helen Creagh, v2n2:29

Pace, Hellen Creagh, v31n1:33

Pace, Henrietta C., v21n4:40, v22n1:23

Pace, J. E., v29n1:10

Pace, J. G. S., v7n2:39, v16n4:28, v21n3:30, v24n3:23

Pace, J. J., v12n2:14, v18n2:21, 26, v19n2:30, v25n3:9-10

Pace, J., v23n1:39, v23n2:45

Pace, James A. J., v3n4:31

Pace, James G. S., v33n1:20

Pace, James, v20n1:4

Pace, Jediah, v1n1:8, v27n4:12

Pace, Jesse M., v22n3:9

Pace, John J., v20n4:30

Pace, John, v1n1:16, 19, v2n1:39, v2n3:11, 13, 18, v3n3:17, v3n4:8, v4n2:2, v4n3:14, v7n3:78, v8n1:5-6, v11n3:19, 21, v13n1:17-19, v15n1:30, v17n1:27, v19n2:32, v22n2:30, v22n3:9, 11, v22n4:29, v23n1:34, 39, v23n3:20, v23n4:32, v25n3:10, 41, v28n4:27, v31n1:42, v31n4:28

Pace, Joseph V., v11n3:28

Pace, Kitty, v31n1:33

Pace, Laura A. E., v22n1:33

Pace, Laura Ann, v1n1:19

Pace, Lilly A., v22n3:9

Pace, Lovey, v35n2:27

Pace, Macy, v21n3:36, v22n2:28

Pace, Margaret Elender, v3n4:31

Pace, Margaret, v21n1:5

Pace, Martha A., v2n2:28, v3n3:31

Pace, Martha Ann, v1n1:19

Pace, Martha Bell, v1n1:19

Pace, Martha H., v2n4:10

Pace, Martha, v1n1:19

Pace, Mary (Minnie John), v1n1:19

Pace, Mary Ann, v2n3:13, v33n1:17, 20

Pace, Mary B., v23n2:35, v36n2:15

Pace, Minnie John, v1n1:16

Pace, O. H., v33n1:32

Pace, R. B., v1n1:16, v3n3:17, v19n2:30, v20n4:35, v21n2:29, v23n3:28, v25n3:9

Pace, Richard, v2n1:7, v2n3:35, v22n3:9, 11, v23n4:19

Pace, Robert, v37n2:19

Pace, Sallie Law, v3n1:27

Pace, Sallie, v21n2:30

Pace, Sarah A., v21n2:30

Pace, Sarah, v2n3:13, v22n3:9

Pace, Silas, v4n3:14

Pace, Sopha, v21n1:5

Pace, Sophia, v36n4:10

Pace, Stephen, v2n2:28, v11n3:19, 27

Pace, Stephens, v2n1:6

Pace, Susanna, v22n3:9

Pace, T. B., v2n3:13, v13n1:17-18

Pace, T. F., v37n4::14

Pace, T., v7n3:78

Pace, Thomas B., v13n1:17-18, v17n4:34, v19n2:1, v31n2:16, v38n2:10

Pace, Thomas Barton, v4n2:2

Pace, Thomas Jefferson, v11n3:19

Pace, Thomas, v1n1:16, v5n4:9, v22n3:9, v34n3:24-25

Pace, Tony, v37n2 18

Pace, Tony, v37n2:18

PACE, v39n2 29

Pace, v39n4 19, 24

Pace, Vernon, v11n3:19

Pace, W. A., v3n3:17, v3n4:37, v5n2:7, 9, v20n4:30, v21n3:30, v23n4:50, v24n2:24, v28n4:27, v29n2:28, v30n2:24

Pace, W. C., v25n3:9

Pace, W. J., v5n2:7

Pace, William A., v3n1:27, v5n2:9-10, v18n2:21, 26, v25n2:24, v37n4::28, v38n1:28

Pace, William C., v12n2:14, v25n3:10

Pace, William J., v24n3:22

Pace, William, v1n1:16, v2n1:7, v2n3:35, v11n3:21, v22n3:9, 11

Pace, Willie, v34n2:25

Pace, Your Family and Mine, v11n3:28

Pacely, Samuel, v4n3:14

Paces, Dempsey, v6n3:8

Pacific Mail Steamship Company, v27n2:17

Pacific Ocean, v28n2:1, v29n3:7

Pacific Theater, v36n3:2, v38n3:8, 16

Pack, Bill, v28n1:17

Pack, W. J., v2n2:26, v24n3:28

Pack, William, v16n4:35

Packer, Alexander Hamilton, v12n4:23

Packer, Corine, v12n4:23

Packer, David, v12n4:23, v22n2:38, v23n4:24, v24n2:24, v29n2:21

Packer, Eliza, v29n2:21

Packer, Elizabeth, v12n4:23, v22n2:38

Packer, Infant daughter, v12n4:23

Packer, Jane D., v12n4:23

Packer, Lewis, v35n4:24

Packer, Robert, v22n4:33

Packer, S. B., v20n3:41

Packer, Sam, v7n4:107

Packer, Samuel, v24n3:26

Packers Bend Cemetery, v29n2:21

Packers Bend, v22n2:38, v28n4:21, v38n1:5

Packer's Bend, v24n1:19, 32, v28n4:19, v30n1:4, v31n2:3, 6

Paddle Wheel Steamboats, v1n2:10

Padget, John, v24n2:16

Padget, Mark, v24n2:15

Padget, N. A., v24n3:34

Padgett, D., v30n2:26

Padgett, Elijah, v27n1:8-9

Padgett, Horace, v32n2:13

Padgett, Marguerite E. Braswell, v4n3:28

Padgett, N. A., v24n4:29

Padgett, Nancy, v3n2:26

Padgett, Sallie E., v32n4:24

Padgett, Theodore, v27n1:9

Padgett, Wendy, v32n3:1

Padley, Helen, v17n3:3, 33

Padse, Walter, v30n2:26

Pafallaya, v11n2:10, 17-18, v12n2:4, 9, v13n1:16, v14n2:5-6, v14n4:9-11

Page, (NFN), v18n1:17

Page, Arthur E., v6n1:5, v10n1:32

Page, Commander, v20n4:10

Page, Demsey, v2n3:32

Page, Leo, v4n2:21

Page, R. L., v26n3:10

Page, Thomas, v4n3:14

Page, William C., v12n2:14

Page, William D., v30n3:15

Page, William L., v1n2:2, v21n2:24

Pagett, Elijah, v30n2:27

Pagett, Mark, v13n2:18, v28n4:7

Pagle, J. R., v20n1:18

Pague, David, v2n1:6

Paige, Nathaniel, v23n1:29-30

Pain, Sarah, v2n3:34

Paine, Cornelia Jane, v31n2:10

Paine, Julian Ann, v2n1:9

Paine's Landing, v33n2:19

Painter, Columbus, v19n1:34

Painter, Cynthia, v19n1:8

Painter, Florence L., v16n4:9

Painter, John, v5n4:10, v22n2:19

Painter, Joy V., v16n3:31

Painter, R. I., v17n3:28

Painter, R. J., v16n3:12

Painter, Rachel J., v13n1:7

Painter, Rachel Lewis, v11n1:5

Painter, Robert, v19n1:8

Painter, Synthia, v19n1:8

Painter, William, v6n3:5, v19n1:8, 34, v22n1:33

Pair, John, v6n4:16-17

Pairo, Samuel H., v28n1:21

Palatka, v25n4:9

Pale, Dempsey, v37n1:23

Pale, Sam, v32n4:23

PALE, v37n1 21, 23

Palisaded Village, v12n2:9

Palmer, (NFN), v28n4:33

Palmer, Amasa Lazarus, v28n4:13

Palmer, Dabney, v20n3:34

Palmer, E. P., v31n2:29

Palmer, Henrietta, v10n4:11

Palmer, Howard E., v2n1:2, v10n1:3

Palmer, Joe, v17n1:19, 21

Palmer, John, v13n3:31, v23n4:40

Palmer, Katherine V., v17n2:13

Palmer, Marianne, v10n4:11

Palmer, Minnie Eunice, v28n4:9-10, 13, v32n2:5

Palmer, Thomas Waverly, v4n1:16, v29n4:6-7, v33n2:15

Palmer, Thomas, v23n4:39

Palmer, William R., v3n3:23

Palmer, William Thomas, v28n4:10

Palmyra, NY, v7n4:95

Pamberton, General, v21n1:38

Pameto, R. J., v7n3:69

Panama Canal, v34n4:23

Panola County, v26n4:22

Panola, v15n3:6, v26n1:8-11

Panshee Eenanhia, v25n4:11

Panshee Eenanhiand Pansheehoomubbee, v25n1:9

Pansheehoomubbee, v25n4:11

Panter, Charlota, v2n1:7

Panter, Richard Ivey, v2n1:7

Panther, John, v2n3:34

Panther, Nancy, v2n1:4

Panton, (NFN), v27n1:11

Panton, v43n2 9, 11, 13

Panuco, v11n2:6

Papalakosh, v30n4:11

Paperel, Esther, v10n4:11

Paradise Lost, v29n3:6, v36n2:16

Paradise Valley, AZ, v21n1:6

Paraguayan Investigation, v25n3:31

Paran Baptist Church, v28n3:28

Parden, Bunk, v13n4:4

Parden, Clementine, v10n2:13

Parden, Dempsey, v32n2:13

Parden, E. S., v2n3:16

Parden, Eli, v5n2:12

Parden, Regina O., v26n3:9

Parden, Regina Overton, v30n2:17

Parden, Roxann, v27n3:12

Parden, Sandra, v27n3:12

Parden, W., v26n1:35

Parden, Winston, v27n3:12

Pares, William S., v3n4:8

Paretono, v1n4:19

Parham, Matthew, v23n4:35

Parham, Paul H., v26n3:8

Parham, Paul, v29n2:4

Paririe Bluff, v6n4:25

Paris Green, v28n2:33

Paris, France, v1n1:42, v4n2:10, v11n4:5, v12n1:12, 14, 21-24, 27, 30-31, v18n4:37, v20n1:20, 30, v21n1:10

Paris, Thomas, v15n3:29-30

Paris, v25n1:26

Paris, William L., v2n3:22

Parish, Ira H., v19n2:30

Parish, John C., v27n4:12

Parish, John G., v1n1:8

Parist, John C., v1n1:9, v27n4:15

Park, Laurie Carleton, v34n4:4

Parke, William, v27n4:14

Parker Town, v38n2:19

Parker, (NFN), v21n2:22, v37n4::22

Parker, Alta, v9n1:19

Parker, Amelia, v36n1:15

Parker, Amos, v3n4:8

Parker, Ben, v33n3:23-24

Parker, Betsy, v18n3:14

Parker, Blanche, v9n1:17

Parker, Blount, v38n2:21

Parker, Bob, v3n3:17, v25n3:9

Parker, Bulla, v31n4:28

Parker, C. R., v20n1:20, 28, v25n4:16, v28n1:9

Parker, Carlos, v9n1:19, v13n3:26

Parker, Carole W., v38n3 27, 2930

Parker, Carole Wilson, v34n4:5

Parker, Cathell, v26n4:17

Parker, Charlotta, v2n1:7

Parker, Charlotte, v26n4:17

Parker, Clifford, v9n1:17

Parker, Curtis, v13n3:27

Parker, Duncan T., v37n1:29

Parker, E., v31n3:27

Parker, Edward, v18n3:14

Parker, Ella, v31n2:33

Parker, Emma, v18n3:14

Parker, Eugenia, v4n1:16, v5n2:21

Parker, F. N., v9n1:17

Parker, F. S., v26n3:32

Parker, Forrest, v38n2:21

Parker, Frances S., v26n3:32

Parker, Frank, v23n2:36

Parker, G. M., v37n3:22

Parker, George M., v33n2:24, v35n2:28

Parker, George, v32n2:24

Parker, Gustavus A., v2n2:16

Parker, Hardy, v23n4:22

Parker, Irma, v9n1:19, v13n3:28

Parker, J. H., v26n2:26

Parker, J. J., v7n3:72, v33n4:31, v37n1:29

Parker, J. N., v31n3:30

Parker, J. R., v36n2:22

Parker, J. W., v37n1:29

Parker, Jacob Scott, v37n1:29

Parker, Jacob, v23n4:35, v26n1:37, 39, v31n1:32, v32n2:24

Parker, Jane, v17n1:27, v32n2:24-25

Parker, Jesse, v9n2:16, v26n4:17

Parker, John S., v41n1 16

Parker, John, v2n3:34-35, v3n4:8, v10n1:22, v17n3:1-2

Parker, Jonathan, v23n4:30

Parker, Jose, v10n1:25

Parker, Joseph R., v35n3:27

Parker, Joseph, v2n3:33

Parker, Judith C., v2n1:9, v26n4:17

Parker, Judith Carr, v9n2:15, v14n3:6

Parker, L., v2n2:26, v20n1:34

Parker, Lee, v38n2:21

Parker, Legrand, v20n3:39, v24n2:15

Parker, Lelia Augusta, v1n3:2

Parker, Lenia V., v17n1:27

Parker, Lewis, v23n4:17

Parker, Lillian, v33n3:13

Parker, Mary A., v17n2:28

Parker, Mary Amelia, v17n3:26

Parker, Mary Polly, v19n3:9

Parker, Mollie, v31n1:32

Parker, Morgan, v33n3:13, v38n2:21

Parker, Nancy, v2n1:10, v26n4:18

Parker, Pauline May, v12n3:46

Parker, Phenix, v34n2:23

Parker, Pheniz, v23n2:36

Parker, R. D., v12n2:14, v18n1:30, v18n2:21, v25n3:10

Parker, R. H., v17n2:21

Parker, Rebecca H., v19n2:25, v22n1:25

Parker, Robert D., v29n2:28

Parker, S. F., v29n4:25

Parker, S. J., v7n3:72, v17n2:28, v21n2:32, v21n3:40, v22n1:26, v25n2:21, v25n3:41, v27n1:41, 44, v28n1:15, v28n4:34, v29n3:23, v30n1:27, v30n2:19, v30n4:29, v31n1:35, 41, v31n3:28, 30, v33n4:31, v34n1:22, v34n2:23, v36n3:22

Parker, S. P., v7n3:72

Parker, S. S., v16n2:24, v18n2:25, v18n3:38, v19n2:31, v20n1:36, v22n2:28, v23n1:29

Parker, S., v26n1:35

Parker, Sallie J., v35n4:26

Parker, Sarah J., v10n2:10

Parker, Scot, v28n1:23

Parker, Scott, v3n3:17, v25n3:9, v27n1:42, v31n3:28

Parker, Searcy, v9n1:19, v13n3:26

Parker, Seth J., v25n3:33, v26n1:33, v26n3:42, v26n4:17, 25, v27n1:44, v27n4:21, 32, v28n1:22, v28n2:23, v28n4:23, v29n1:28, v29n2:29, 33, v29n3:15, v30n1:21, v30n2:20, v30n4:40, v34n2:21

Parker, Seth L., v28n1:22

Parker, Seth S., v7n1:25, v28n1:23, v29n3:14, v31n3:28

Parker, Seth Scot, v2n1:7

Parker, Seth, v38n2 21

Parker, Seth, v7n1:26, v36n1:15, v38n2:21

Parker, Susan, v2n2:16

Parker, Thomas S., v17n4:29, 32

Parker, Tinnie Waite, v33n3:13

PARKER, v37n1 2728, v38n3 25

Parker, v38n2 56, 21, 31, v41n2 12, 2122, 38, v41n3 18, 3536

Parker, Vivian, v9n1:19

Parker, W. A., v2n3:11, 17, v8n1:8, v29n1:30, v29n3:20, v38n3:26

Parker, W. C., v12n2:14, v18n2:21, 26, v25n3:10

Parker, W. E., v17n2:17

Parker, W. J., v2n3:15, v16n4:33, v28n1:23, v28n4:32

Parker, W. Jacob, v24n1:28, v25n2:23, v25n3:36, 39, v26n1:37, 39, v26n2:33, v26n4:27, 32, v27n1:41, v27n3:22, 28, v27n4:31, v28n1:15, v28n2:24, 31, 34, v28n3:34, v28n4:34, v29n1:27, v30n1:22, v30n4:37, v31n2:28

Parker, W. S., v14n3:3-4, v21n3:40, v22n1:26, v25n4:31, v29n3:17, v36n1:32

Parker, W. Soc, v32n4:20

Parker, Walter C. Y., v4n3:6

Parker, Watt, v3n3:17, v25n3:9

Parker, Wilda, v9n1:17

Parker, William A., v9n3:10, v18n2:26

Parker, William R., v2n3:34, v22n1:21, v22n2:19, v26n4:17, v32n2:25, v32n4:6

Parker, William, v1n1:8, v3n4:8, v6n4:13, v13n2:19, v28n1:12, v28n4:7

Parker, Willie Lee, v9n1:17

Parker, Willis, v30n2:27

Parker, Z. P., v22n2:8

Parker, Z. S., v16n3:24, v16n4:28

Parker, Zeby, v24n2:18

Parker, Zeno S., v16n4:35

Parkers, Feenix, v26n2:12

Parkertown, v3n1:19, v4n4:12, v9n1:17, 19, v11n2:21, v32n2:11, v32n4:6, v33n3:11, v35n4:18, v36n1:15, v37n4::22, v38n2:18

Parkerville, v38n2:18

Parkes, Lucy, v2n1:4

Parkin, Hadod, v23n4:30

Parkins, (NFN), v23n4:35

Parks, (NFN), v13n2:28

Parks, Ann, v2n1:8

Parks, J. W., v30n2:27

Parks, Levi, v4n3:9

Parks, Mary, v2n1:6

Parks, Nathan, v30n2:22

Parks, Robert T., v30n2:27

Parks, Sarah, v2n1:6

Parliament, v29n3:6, v36n2:16

PARMER, v41n2 23, 30, v41n3 39, v41n4 52, v42n1 40

Parnell, Leon, v5n1:21

Parris, Polly, v2n1:7

Parris, William L., v2n1:7, v2n3:34

Parris, William S., v3n1:3

Parrish, Benjamin, v38n1:26

Parrish, Ira, v3n3:17, v25n3:9

Parrish, John G., v28n1:11

Parrott, Ethan, v23n4:37

Parson Davis, v23n4:50, v36n1:22

Parsons, Enoch, v5n4:30, v17n2:7, v23n4:22

Parsons, G. B., v20n4:35

Parsons, George W., v22n1:32

Parsons, J. B., v20n3:41

Parsons, J., v20n4:31

Partee, M., v30n2:29

Partee, Moses, v30n2:30

Parten, B. C., v16n3:25, v16n4:18, v21n2:29, v33n1:32

Parten, Barry, v12n4:6

Parten, Bud C., v4n4:27

Parten, Budd C., v17n1:31

Parten, C. T., v4n1:32

Parten, Charles Thomas, v4n1:32

Parten, Elizabeth, v16n3:3

Parten, Helen Ann Washington, v4n4:27

Parten, M. E., v4n1:32

Parten, Mary Ellen, v4n1:32

Parten, Sandra, v4n4:27

Partenda, W. L.., v2n3:15

Partin, B. C., v7n3:76, v16n3:25, v17n2:24, v22n2:30, v36n3:25

Partin, B. G., v35n1:4

Partin, Budd E., v12n3:10

Partin, Clementine A., v19n1:36

Partin, Eli, v2n2:25, v7n3:75, v14n3:17, v24n3:27

Partin, Eula C., v16n1:37

Partin, Henry, v23n4:49

Partin, Jesse S., v16n1:37

Partin, Laura M., v34n4:27

Partin, Mamie Mae, v4n1:33

Partin, Sarah Ann, v16n2:29

PARTIN, v36n3 24

Partin, William, v28n3:31

Partin's Mill, v28n3:31

PARTLOW, v38n4 2223

Parton, Budd C., v12n3:9

Partridge, Daniel, v24n1:18

Partridge, Hallie, v26n3:30

Partridge, Martha, v24n1:18

Partridge, Sue Alexander, v26n3:26, 30

Partridge, Thad, v26n3:30

Pasadena, CA, v35n1:12

Paschal, (NFN), v18n1:29

Pass Christian, v20n1:15

Passarella, Frank Charles, v12n3:36

Passarella, Michael Giordano, v12n3:36

Passon, M., v10n1:21

Pate, (NFN), v3n3:17, v21n2:30, v25n3:9

Pate, A., v21n2:35, v21n3:32

Pate, Anthony, v24n3:28

Pate, Asa, v1n4:9

Pate, C. W., v17n3:28

Pate, Elizabeth, v2n1:10

Pate, James P., v27n1:25, 30

Pate, Mary, v1n4:9

Pate, Mereau, v13n3:27

Pate, Winneford, v2n1:5

Pate. John, v2n3:32

Paterson, Robert J., v2n4:13

Patriack, Yolanda, v12n3:36

Patrick May, v44n3 1920, 25

Patrick, D. W., v15n4:24

Patrick, George H., v21n2:11

Patrick, John Harris, v15n4:24

Patrick, Lucy Ann, v2n1:5

Patrick, Luke, v4n3:17

Patrick, Shirley, v15n4:24

Patrick, TX, v35n2:31

Patriot Whigs, v13n3:36

Patriot, v19n3:3-4, 34

Patsey, John, v23n4:37

Patten, Flossie, v13n3:26, 29

Patten, J. S., v1n1:9, v27n4:15

Patterson, Bob, v26n2:14

Patterson, Carolina Olivia, v26n4:12

Patterson, Caroline Olivia, v13n4:35

Patterson, Caroline, v1n4:6

Patterson, Charles, v23n4:16

Patterson, Jane, v30n3:21

Patterson, Joel B., v20n2:34

Patterson, Joel Bell, v10n2:9

Patterson, Martha D., v10n2:10, v20n1:34

Patterson, N. O., v14n4:6

Patterson, O'Leta Modean Dunn, v26n3:9, 11

Patterson, R. B., v20n3:37

Patterson, R. S., v21n3:30

Patterson, Robert B., v6n4:18, v16n3:23, v18n1:2, v22n2:18, v32n4:18

Patterson, Sarah Ann, v22n4:30

Patterson, Sarah W., v10n2:10

Patterson, Violet May, v12n3:36

Patterson, William, v18n1:27, v18n2:19, v19n4:27, v26n4:23

Patteville, v32n3:23

Pattillo, Edward, v34n4:10, 18, 20

Patton, Arthur, v4n3:17

Patton, Benjamin B., v10n1:25

Patton, Celia, v2n1:7

Patton, Governor, v23n2:47

Patton, James, v4n3:16

Patton, Jane, v18n4:36, v25n1:25

Patton, Joseph, v4n3:16

Patton, Nathan, v36n4:5

Patton, Robert M., v9n4:14, v21n3:29

Patton, Samuel, v10n1:24, v23n4:16

Patton, Thomas, v10n1:25

PATTON, v44n1 38

Patton, William B., v1n1:6, v27n4:8

Patton, William M., v11n3:17, v37n1:11

Patton, William, v23n4:35

Patt's Creek, v12n4:9

Paul A. Frederick, v17n1:7

Paul Blundell CurƟs, v43n1 21, 2324

Paul W. Bryant Museum, v35n1:13, 16

Paul W. Bryant, v35n1:18

Paul, Alice O., v2n4:32

Paul, Andrew, v38n1:12, 16

Paul, H. D., v1n4:39

Paul, Kay Rivers, v37n3:6

Paul, Suseanna, v2n4:31

Paul, T. C., v5n3:14, v30n2:15

Paul, Tom, v30n2:15

Paul, v38n2 31, 33

Paul, W. D., v24n2:19, 24, v26n1:35, v27n1:42, v29n3:20

Paulding, Billy, v7n1:13

Paulding, MS, v14n1:48, v20n4:41, v33n3:27

Pavelka, Marlene, v25n1:8

Pawley, William Henry, v9n4:20

Paylor, H. L., v11n3:17

Payn, Travis, v38n2:10

Payne Cemetery, v13n1:44, v28n4:21

Payne, (NFN), v21n3:37, v22n2:29, v26n1:32

Payne, A. B., v33n4:29

Payne, A. L., v8n2:36

Payne, A., v17n2:16, v24n2:15, 27, v27n1:41, v28n4:27, v31n3:30

Payne, Abner, v19n1:35, v20n2:24, v25n2:24

Payne, Absalom, v35n2:15

Payne, Alice, v13n4:6-7

Payne, Allen F., v35n1:25

Payne, Alma, v9n1:20

Payne, Arnell, v29n1:16

Payne, Arvin, v8n2:36

Payne, B. J., v35n1:25

Payne, Billy, v36n3:22

Payne, Caroline J., v35n1:24

Payne, Cora L., v35n1:25

Payne, Cora S., v35n1:25

Payne, Daniel, v35n2:14

Payne, Dannie, v9n1:20

Payne, Dennie, v9n1:20

Payne, Dennis F., v35n1:25

Payne, Doris E., v35n3:25

Payne, Eva, v35n2:15

Payne, F. T., v13n1:41, v19n2:31, v22n2:30, v23n3:28, v26n1:35, v27n1:41, v30n4:31

Payne, F., v29n1:36

Payne, Florina, v29n1:14

Payne, Frank T., v12n3:12, v23n1:30, v26n1:32, v27n1:39, v32n2:26, v37n3:1, 24

Payne, Frank, v13n1:35, v25n3:41, v37n3:24

Payne, G. G., v7n3:73

Payne, Glover, v36n1:13

Payne, H. G., v35n2:15

Payne, Infant Daughter, v35n2:15

Payne, Infant Son, v35n2:15

Payne, J. B., v37n4::29

Payne, J. D., v35n1:24

Payne, J. E., v35n2:15

Payne, J. P., v38n1:28

Payne, Jean McCrary, v17n1:11

Payne, Jean, v17n1:12, v24n3:5, v26n3:1, v34n2:4

Payne, Jimmie Allen, v29n1:15

Payne, Jodie, v15n3:19

Payne, Joe F., v35n1:25

Payne, John J., v35n2:15

Payne, John, v36n1:12

Payne, Johnnie C., v35n3:24

Payne, Joseph, v11n4:21, v36n3:22

Payne, Kimberly Michelle, v35n3:25

Payne, L., v30n1:30

Payne, Lavina, v16n1:23

Payne, Lavinia B., v13n1:44

Payne, Lavinia, v37n1:23

Payne, Lester Franklin, v35n1:25

Payne, Lester, v9n1:20

Payne, Lovin A., v27n3:28

Payne, Lovina, v16n3:17, v17n1:25, v19n2:23, v25n4:30, v27n1:39, v27n4:25, v31n2:28

Payne, Mary E., v35n2:15

Payne, Mary Lila, v35n2:15

Payne, Mary, v29n1:15, v35n1:24, v36n1:5

Payne, Mildred, v35n2:15

Payne, Nettie, v13n3:28

Payne, Nony J., v13n1:41

Payne, R. C., v13n1:9, 44, v16n1:20, 23, v16n3:17, v17n1:16, 25

Payne, R. G., v35n2:15

Payne, R. T., v22n2:30

Payne, Randall Jason, v35n3:25

Payne, Randy, v35n3:25

Payne, Rebeca, v35n1:23

Payne, Rhett G., v45n4 10, 13

Payne, Rhett Goode, v17n1:13

Payne, Rhett, v8n2:36, v29n1:14, v34n2:4

Payne, Robert C., v13n1:35-36, v19n2:23

Payne, S. M., v28n4:33

Payne, Sarah E., v35n1:25

Payne, Sherry, v35n3:25

Payne, Sidney, v30n1:14, v36n2:2

Payne, Silvester, v2n3:34

Payne, T. A., v13n1:42, 43

Payne, Travis Alexander, v4n1:17

Payne, Travis, v4n3:22

PAYNE, v37n1 21, 23 v44n4 17, 19

Payne, Velma S., v35n1:25

Payne, W. J., v35n1:23

Payne, Walton, v35n2:15

Payne, Willey Ann, v35n1:25

Payne, Winnie, v35n1:25

Payne's Water Mill, v21n2:14

Pazeley, (NFN), v30n3:32

Pbelan, John, v30n2:26

Pea Patch Island, DE, v29n1:25

Peach Tree, v22n1:8-10, 20, 28, v23n4:50, v28n2:15, 36, v37n1:30

Peachtree Lodge, v6n4:19

Peacock, Levi, v12n2:27

Peacock, Mary E., v25n2:12

Peacock, v32n4:5

Peacock, v45n4 2, 4

Peak, Joseph, v28n3:16

Peake, Joseph J., v28n3:12

Pealers, Joshua, v23n4:27

Pearce, John, v10n1:20, v21n4:28

Pearce, Joseph, v20n3:41

Pearce, Lewis, v2n3:34, v3n4:8, v15n3:28

Pearce, Nancy, v1n4:10

Pearce, R. H., v20n3:41

Pearce, Reginald, v6n1:18

Pearce, Shedrick, v2n1:7

Pearl Harbor, v21n1:12

Pearl River, v5n2:18, v10n1:33, v11n2:10, v14n1:34, v18n4:11, v19n4:10, v24n2:5, v27n2:27, v31n4:6

Pearl, Rubie, v38n1:28

Pearse, Maria, v23n4:33

Pearson, (NFN), v3n1:16, v27n3:8

Pearson, Alice, v22n3:33

Pearson, Allen, v12n3:38

Pearson, Beatty, v21n1:13

Pearson, Elizabeth Garnet, v33n1:14

Pearson, Elizabeth, v1n4:9

Pearson, Emma L., v1n4:39

Pearson, Frank, v8n4:90

Pearson, Henry, v3n4:8, v33n1:14

Pearson, J. K., v24n4:2

Pearson, J. S., v1n4:39

Pearson, Jacob, v22n3:30, 33

Pearson, John C., v18n1:17

Pearson, John, v1n2:9, v33n1:14

Pearson, Leod, v3n4:8

Pearson, Leonard, v5n2:19

Pearson, Lillian, v22n3:33

Pearson, Maria, v25n1:29

Pearson, Mary G., v2n1:9

Pearson, Moses, v21n4:30

Pearson, P. Frank, v8n4:90

Pearson, Richmond C., v15n1:19

Pearson, Richmond Mumbord, v21n1:9

Pearson, Richmond, v28n1:6

Pearson, Ruben, v2n1:6

Pearson, Sarah Croom, v21n1:9

Pearson, T. B., v5n2:2, v23n4:8, v25n2:2, v37n2:24

Pearson, Theodore B., v12n3:38, v13n4:18

Pearson, Theodore Bowling, v1n2:6, v3n4:6, v4n3:5, v5n1:1, v5n4:1, v12n3:30, v13n2:17, v14n1:1, v15n1:19-20, v18n1:12, v19n1:2, v21n1:9, 15, v24n2:5, v28n1:6

Pearson, Theodore, v11n3:13, v21n2:3, v25n4:4, v26n3:9, 11

Pearson, Thomas, v21n4:30

Pearson, Virginia, v22n3:33

Pearson, William J., v25n2:15

Peaster, L. C., v25n2:24

Peaton, Hiram, v2n1:7, v27n3:6

Peaton, Mary Thomas, v27n3:6

Peaton, Mary, v27n3:6

Peavey, A., v4n3:9

Peavey, Elizabeth, v26n3:10

Peavey, James, v26n2:29

Peavine Creek, v33n4:7

Peavy, (NFN), v18n3:37

Peavy, Alfred, v31n3:32

Peavy, Florence, v15n3:19

Peavy, Green T., v24n4:29

Peavy, Walker Elizabeth, v19n2:6

Peavy's Landing

Peavy's landing, v1n1:24, v11n3:9

Pecan Lake, v13n1:23

Pecard, P., v7n1:20

Peck, John, v23n4:27

Peck, Simeon, v30n2:26

Pecken, William, v14n3:11

Peckham, Benedict, v23n4:24

Pedro, Dom, II, v19n1:26

Peebles, B. F., v28n4:31

Peebles, E. B., v1n3:16

Peebles, Emory Bush, v10n3:17, 21

Peebles, H. H., v34n3:24

Peebles, Henry H., v34n2:20

Peebles, J. J., v13n2:7

Peebles, John J., v19n4:30

Peebles, John, v16n4:27, v17n4:29

Peebles, Maria G., v17n1:26

Peebles, Nancy, v10n3:17

Peebles, Rebecca E., v10n2:10

Peebles, W. H., v16n3:16, v19n3:33, v23n1:34, v23n2:48, v25n2:21, v29n1:31-32, v38n3:27

Peebles, W. J., v18n3:40, v20n2:31

Peebles, William H., v16n3:13, v24n4:32, v25n1:34, v25n2:23

Peebles, William, v23n4:27

Peecham, Benedick, v23n4:16

Peeples, J. J., v22n4:33

Peeples, Jane, v16n3:20

Peeples, W. H., v18n1:29

Peeples, W. J., v19n2:24, v19n4:27, v21n3:32

Peerless Drug Company, v29n1:17

Peerless, v1n3:9

Peerless, v32n3:21, v33n1:35

Peevey, Fred, v25n3:36

Peevey, Frederick, v26n1:33, v26n2:29

Peevey, G. T, v28n4:5

Peevey, G. T., v13n2:17

Peevey, James, v26n1:33

Peevey, R. G., v23n4:49

Peevey, William, v30n4:35

Peevey's Landing, v30n4:30

Peevy, (NFN), v22n1:30

Peevy, Barna Havard, v2n1:37

Peevy, C. B., v31n1:10

Peevy, Charlie, v31n1:10

Peevy, Darling, v25n4:23

Peevy, Della Ree, v31n1:7

Peevy, E. B., v31n1:7, 10

Peevy, Fred, v31n4:31

Peevy, Green T., v30n2:19

Peevy, James, v22n4:34, v31n4:31

Pegeon, Tom, v22n1:25

Peges, Molly, v23n2:17

Pegg, (NFN), v20n2:33

Peggy (NLN), v34n4:15

Peggy Bailey's Bluff, v27n1:10, v32n4:4

Pegram, George E., v33n4:31

Pegues, (NFN), v27n3:20

Pegues, C. C., v26n1:36

Pegues, Charles A., v25n2:16

Pegues, Fanny G., v26n1:35

Pegues, J. J., v3n1:8, v31n2:15

Pegues, Josiah James, v20n4:41

Pegues, M. M., v25n4:38, v27n1:40

Pegues, Mollie M., v28n4:33

Pegues, Mollie, v24n2:26

Pelham, C. S., v22n4:33

Pelham, E. S., v23n4:49

Pelham, Elizabeth, v17n1:29

Pelham, Frances Sibil Bowling, v2n4:20

Pelham, Harris G., v3n4:11

Pelham, J. M., v20n4:2, v37n1:11

Pelham, James A., v17n1:29

Pelham, Joe, v19n2:12, 15

Pelham, John B., v17n4:33, v18n2:25

Pelham, Lula, v10n3:34

Pelham, Mary Lou, v34n2:8

Pelham, Mary Sibil, v2n4:20

Pelham, Nellie, v13n1:42

Pelham, Ophelia Gordy, v3n4:11

Pelham, Samuel R., v23n4:25

Pelham, Sarah A., v32n1:22

Pelham, v25n1:22, v26n1:16

Pelk, Nancy, v2n1:5

Pelkington, John, v12n2:16

Pelt, Betsy, v1n4:6

Pelt, H., v9n1:13

Pelt, Henry, v2n3:33, v18n3:37, v23n3:33, v27n1:23

Pelt, Letitia, v1n4:9

Pelt, Martha, v18n3:37

Pelt, Nancy, v18n3:37

Pelt, Rebecca, v1n4:11

Pelted, A. B., v21n2:30


Penbus, John, v23n4:23

Pencil, v27n2:7

Pender County, NC, v14n1:14

Penderbrass, Kathryn Lucille, v9n3:6

Pendergrass, Howard Dickson, v9n3:6

Pendleton Academy, v8n1:5, v23n2:13

Pendleton District, SC, v3n2:8, 13, 15, v8n1:5, v13n2:33, v14n3:10, v15n1:23, v15n4:6, v16n3:6, v21n3:8, v33n1:16-17, v34n3:11

Pendleton, Debbie, v25n2:2

Pendleton, Julia Ann, v6n1:8

Pendleton, Martha E., v6n1:8

Pendleton, O. M., v12n2:14, v18n2:21, 26, v19n2:30, v20n4:35, v21n2:29, v25n3:9-10

Pendleton, Octavius M., v6n1:8

Pendleton, Octavius, v29n1:23

Pendleton, R., v30n2:27

Pendleton, Sam, v3n3:17

Pendleton, W. M., v25n1:18

Pendleton, William M., v2n1:7, v6n1:8

Peniel Baptist Church Cemetery, v32n2:5, 11, v35n2:12, v35n3:22

Peniel Baptist Church, v32n2:9, 14, v35n1:23, v37n2:10

Peniel Cemetery, v37n2:10

Peniel Community, v37n2:10

Peniel, v13n4:8, v15n1:25, v30n3:29, v31n1:6, v32n2:5, 9, 11, 13-14

Penn State, v35n1:11

Penn, William, v8n4:85, 94, v38n2:12

Penney, W. W., v16n4:20

Pennington, Isaac, v2n2:16

Pennington, v22n1:6

Pennington, Winnie Lea, v29n2:1

Pennix, William, v10n1:18

Pennsylvania Revolutionary War, v18n4:21

Pennsylvania Salt Springs , v1n1:24

Pennsylvania, v14n3:11, v16n2:12, v17n1:17, v17n4:10, v18n2:5, v19n1:4, 16, v21n3:29, v22n3:3435, v23n1:11, v23n3:8, v26n4:1, 17, v27n1:16, v29n3:10, v30n3:20, 25, v30n4:5, v31n1:26, 36, v31n2:10, v31n4:17, v38n2:12

Penny, Theophilus, v25n3:38

Penny, W. W., v16n4:28

Penny, William, v20n4:11

Pensacola Bay, v11n2:17

Pensacola Indians, v16n2:11

Pensacola Junction, v7n1:3

Penson, Lucy, v19n2:8

Pentecost, George W., v23n4:33

Pentecost, George, v23n4:35

Pentel Church, v30n4:35

Penter, Amy, v2n1:5

Penticost, George, v23n4:24

Penton, Henry, v7n4:96

Penton, Jane, v16n4:25

Penton, Jeff, v7n4:96

Penton, Reynold, v20n2:21

Peoples, A. C., v13n3:31

Peoples, W. J., v21n3:32

Pepper, Captain, v5n3:16

Peppinhorst, H. H., v21n4:38

Peppinhost, H. H., v24n3:28

Percle, Joseph William, v36n3:2

Percy (NLN), v30n3:15

Percy Bysshe Shelley, v31n1:23

Percy, E. E., v33n1:30

Perdido Bay, FL, v13n1:12-13

Perdido River, v14n1:21

Perdido, v8n2:49, v18n4:10, v29n4:27

Perdue Hill Womans Club, v11n4:19-20

Perdue Hill, v11n4:19-20, v16n2:2, 14, v18n1:13-14, 17, v24n1:9, v32n3:23

Perdue, Ayrault, v27n1:36

Perdue, W. J., v12n2:16

Perez, Carlos E., v26n3:32

Perine, Addra, v4n2:8

Perine, Annie, v4n2:8

Perine, Edward M., v4n2:8

Perine, Frances Hunter, v4n2:8

Perine, Sallie Hunter, v4n2:8

period John Douglas Curtis, v43n1 18

Perkin, Captain, v30n1:13

Perkins, (NFN), v23n2:29

Perkins, Cassie Gibby, v26n3:1

Perkins, Eufus L., v32n3:26

Perkins, J. B., v30n1:12

Perkins, James, v25n2:19

Perkins, Nichol, v32n3:16

Perkins, Nicholas, v24n2:7, v25n2:19

Perkins, R. L., v9n4:4

Perkins, Refus L., v32n3:26

Perkins, Rufus L., v9n4:4

Perkins, S., v30n4:30

Perkins, Samuel, v16n1:23

Perkins, Solomon, v30n4:30

Perkins, v42n4 25, 27

Perkins, William, v5n2:19, v19n3:8

Perpetual Harvest, v6n4:21

Perquimans County, NC, v22n2:6

Perrault, M., v1n1:9, v27n4:15

Perrenot, H. F., v18n1:10

Perrenot, Hal Franklin, v18n1:10

Perrenot, Josephine Franklin, v18n1:10

Perrenot, Josephine, v18n1:10

Perrenot, Theodore, v18n1:10

Perrey, Burrel, v4n3:17

Perrin, E. B., v23n3:31

Perrin, T. Orendorf, v13n3:30

Perrine, James, v4n2:4

Perry County, v1n4:2, v3n1:8, v4n3:6, v5n2:4, v5n4:18, v7n1:13, 18, v7n2:41, v12n2:22, v13n4:37, 40, v14n1:47, v16n2:26, v18n1:24, v18n2:18, v19n1:18, 26, v19n2:25, v19n3:8, v20n3:22, v20n4:34, v21n2:24, v24n2:24, v26n1:36, v27n3:20, v28n2:26, v31n2:15, v32n3:24, v33n1:30, v36n4:9, v37n3:26

Perry, Ann E., v15n3:4

Perry, Ann, v2n1:7, v14n3:17

Perry, Darling, v1n1:6, v2n3:35, v3n4:8, v5n2:19

Perry, E. M., v22n4:32

Perry, Elizabeth M., v18n3:5

Perry, Eulalah, v6n4:7

Perry, Ezekial Hugh, v15n3:4

Perry, F. M., v7n3:72, v20n4:35, v24n2:13

Perry, Fannie, v15n3:4

Perry, FL, v18n1:9

Perry, Francis, v2n3:35, v5n2:19

Perry, GA, v27n1:35

Perry, George E., v15n3:4

Perry, Hardy, v26n1:18-20, 23

Perry, Hud, v5n2:12

Perry, Isaac, v25n1:9, v25n4:11

Perry, J. B., v23n4:19

Perry, J. H., v28n4:36, v29n1:36, v29n2:28, v31n1:37, v31n2:23

Perry, J. M., v25n3:41

Perry, James H., v28n4:27, v29n4:26, v34n3:27, v35n3:32

Perry, James Hezekiah, v15n3:4

Perry, James, v7n3:76, v25n1:9, v25n4:11

Perry, James. H., v37n4::30

Perry, Jesse, v15n3:4

Perry, John M., v15n3:4-5

Perry, John, v23n4:17

Perry, Joseph W., v17n4:22

Perry, Katy, v35n4:26

Perry, Kenneth, v9n4:12

Perry, Levi, v25n1:9, v25n4:11

Perry, Lucy, v17n4:22

Perry, M. Ethel, v2n4:26

Perry, Margaret J., v15n3:4

Perry, Mary M., v15n3:4

Perry, Nannie K., v2n4:26

Perry, Nathan, v3n4:8, v5n2:19

Perry, O. S., v21n4:22

Perry, Oliver H., v16n1:8

Perry, Orion S., v2n4:33

Perry, R., v24n3:20

Perry, Rowland, v22n1:21

Perry, Shubell, v15n3:4

Perry, Theophalus, v24n2:13

Perry, v38n4 10, 26

Perry, Vernon, v17n1:14

Perry, W. F., v16n4:28

Perry, W. L., v18n1:30, v25n3:10

Perry, Walter, v17n1:14

Perry, William B., v15n3:4

Perry, William L., v16n1:22, v17n4:25, 27, v23n4:37, v24n2:13

Perry, William R., v16n1:5

Perry, William, v2n3:33, v7n1:4, v19n1:35, v20n2:24, v23n4:40, v25n1:9, v25n4:11

Perry, Wilson, v5n2:20

Perry, Wright W., v17n4:22

Perry's Chapel Cemetery, v17n4:13, 15, 19

Perry's Chapel School, v23n2:27

Perrys Chapel, v19n1:25, 27

Perry's Chapel, v2n3:41, v16n1:8, v17n4:13, 15, 19, v21n4:22, v26n4:12, v38n3:12

Perry's Landing, v22n1:25

Perry's Store, v26n2:33

Perrysville, KY, v36n4:6-7

Perryville, v25n4:26

Person, Joseph, v10n1:24

Person, William, v10n1:22, 24

Persons, Gordon, v35n3:8

Pertersburg, VA, v4n3:9

Perthshire, Scotland, v18n3:17

Pertilla, Captain, v16n1:22

Peru, v11n2:6

Pervis, Bettie, v33n3:27

Pete Fleming, v47n4 1112

Peter (NLN), v12n2:24

Peter Alba Trice, v40n4 1819

Peter Cartwright, v26n4:21

Peter Fluker, v21n2:9

Peters, L. G., v38n3:27

Petersburg, v17n1:17, v21n3:36

Peterson, Dona Newman, v2n2:19

Peterson, Fritz, v5n3:29

Peterson, Hannah, v28n2:9

Peterson, J. A., v2n4:33

Peterson, J. G., v14n4:22

Peterson, Jim, v14n2:14

Peterson, John, v12n1:3

Peterson, Martha, v1n4:6

Peterson, Paul, v12n1:3

Peterson, Peggy, v24n1:14

Peterson, Robert, v5n3:29

Peterson, Sarah, v14n2:14

Petersono, Elizabeth, v2n3:27

Petitza Bread, v30n4:17

Petranek, Marie, v12n3:36

Petrie, (NFN), v16n4:35

Pettibone & Ballard, v1n1:35

Pettice, (NFN), v20n1:34

Pettie, v47n2 89

Pettigrew, (NFN), v7n1:23

Pettis, A. C., v16n1:37-38

Pettis, Alfred C., v16n1:37-38

Pettis, David, v7n1:4, v20n4:34, v30n2:19

Pettis, Edward Paul, v16n1:38

Pettis, J. L., v13n1:42, 43

Pettis, J. T., v13n1:42

Pettis, J., v30n2:15

Pettis, Joe, v30n2:15

Pettis, John T., v23n2:48

Pettis, John W., v27n4:21

Pettis, John, v24n3:22, v30n2:14, 16, v37n1:30

Pettis, M. W., v16n1:37-38

Pettis, Mattie, v30n2:15

Pettis, Maude, v16n1:38

Pettis, Pierce R. V., v13n3:31

Pettit, (NFN), v3n4:19

Pettus, Captain, v31n2:6

Pettus, John T., v34n3:20

Pettus, John, v8n1:12, v28n3:32, v28n4:25

Pettus, W. O., v29n2:32, v29n4:32, v30n2:28, v30n4:38, v31n1:37, v33n3:21

Pettus, William, v13n1:22, 29

Petty (NLN), v15n3:24

Petty, Edward N., v27n4:8

Pettytown, TX, v17n2:4

Peve, James, v23n4:24

Pevey, Fred, v28n1:22

Pevey, G. T., v22n4:32, v24n2:24

Pevey's Landing, v1n3:5

Pevy, Fred, v31n4:26

Pevy, James, v31n4:26


Peyre, Lydia, v10n4:11

Peyton, John, v23n4:37, 39-40

Peyton, Moses, v12n4:8

Peyton, Virginia, v28n2:15

Peyton, W. M., v12n4:16

Peyton, William K., v23n4:35

Pezent Family, v30n2:3-4, v30n4:12

Pezent Tree Service, v34n3:2

Pezent Village, v30n4:11, 21

Pezent, Alice L., v22n3:18, v30n4:6

Pezent, Alice Leonard, v32n3:6

Pezent, Alice, v21n4:3, v30n2:4, v30n4:7, 20, 24

Pezent, Charles L., v23n1:1, v30n4:4-5, 8-11, 14, 16, 18-19, 21, 23

Pezent, Charles, v21n4:3, v22n3:13, 1617, 2526, 28, v22n4:1, v26n1:2, v26n3:1, v29n2:2, v30n2:1, 3, 11, v30n3:3, 5, 16, v30n4:2-5, 8-11, 14-16, 18-24, v31n1:2, v31n2:1, v31n3:1, v32n3:1, 6, 11-13

Pezent, Eddie, v30n4:9, 11, 14, 16, 23-24

Pezent, Eddy, v30n4:10

Pezent, Erby, v30n4:5, 7-8, 11, 14, 18

Pezent, Fyan, v21n4:3

Pezent, Gaines, v26n3:7, v30n4:8-9, 11, 13, 22, v32n3:6-10, 12-13

Pezent, Herbert Lee, v22n3:27

Pezent, Herbert, v21n4:3, v22n3:28, v30n4:10-11, 15-19, 21

Pezent, Ivan, v30n4:4

Pezent, Jacob Clifton, v22n3:28

Pezent, Jake, v22n3:13, 17, 19, 2526, 28, v30n4:5-9, 14-15, 18, 20, 22-24

Pezent, Jakob, v30n4:4-5

Pezent, James, v21n4:3, v30n4:5, 11

Pezent, Jimmy, v22n3:13, 17, 22, 25, 28, v30n4:5-8, 14-15, 18, 20, 22-23

Pezent, Joe, v22n3:21, 2425

Pezent, John N., v22n3:18, v30n4:6

Pezent, John, v22n3:13, 1618, 21, 2528, v30n2:4, v30n4:4-5, 7-12, 14-16, 18-24

Pezent, Johnny, v21n4:3, v30n4:10, 12, 23, v32n3:6, v33n4:5, v34n3:2

Pezent, Joseph, v30n4:5, 8

Pezent, Kathryn, v30n4:11

Pezent, Lois Wilson, v30n4:14

Pezent, Lois, v30n4:10-11, 15-16, 18

Pezent, Marcus, v21n4:3, v26n1:2, v30n4:11

Pezent, Martha, v30n4:10, 15, 17, 21

Pezent, Mike, v21n4:3, v30n4:5, 10-11, 16, 18

Pezent, Mirko, v21n4:3, v22n3:27, v30n4:4-8, 10-11, 14-22, 24

Pezent, Paul, v22n3:13

Pezent, Rena, v30n4:6, 20

Pezent, Ryan, v30n4:11

Pezent, Tonic, v30n4:4

Pezent, v37n2 35, 38, v38n2 3031, v45n2 33, 35, v46n2 1011, 3637

Pezent, Wallace, v30n4:10, 12, 14, 16, 22-23

Pezent, Warner, v26n1:2, v30n4:10, 12, 16, 21, 23

Pezents, Alice, v30n4:20

Pfaffenschlager, Frank A., v30n1:13

Pfaffenschlager, J. Frank, v30n1:12

Pfaffenslacker, (NFN), v3n3:17, v25n3:9

Phalen, Richard, v24n2:14

Phamfield, C., v7n3:76

Pharaoh Midkiff, v33n3:3

Phares, Cathrine, v25n2:19

Phares, Daniel, v23n4:19, 22

Phares, John, v23n4:27, v25n2:19, v26n1:20

Phares, Parks, v18n3:37

Pharez, Addie, v13n1:42

Pharez, J. N., v34n2:22

Pharington, Bessie, v23n2:26

Pharis, (NFN), v4n3:9

Pharis, John C., v23n4:17

Pharis, John, v23n4:16, 24, 30, 39

Pharr, Alabama K., v2n1:38

Pharr, John W., v2n1:38

Phelan, Abram, v25n3:43

Phelan, Ellis, v36n1:32

Phelan, J. O., v35n4:24

Phelan, John, v25n3:43

Phelps, David E., v29n3:13

Phelps, Marian, v2n1:8

Phelps, Milly, v1n4:11

Phelps, Samuel, v2n3:35

Phelps, William, v2n1:7, v2n3:35, v23n3:22

Phice, Zecheriah J., v23n4:40

Phil (NLN), v16n1:27

Philadelphia Iron Works, v20n4:18

Philadelphia Phillies, v33n1:8

Philan, C. R., v24n3:26

Philan, J. T., v17n4:30

Philan, J. W., v19n2:32

Philan, Julia A., v17n4:30

Philbert, John, v20n4:35

Phileman, L., v20n4:34

Philen, A. V., v16n3:31

Philen, Eliza, v34n3:24

Philen, Elizabeth, v30n2:19

Philen, Ira, v32n3:24

Philen, Jane, v6n3:4

Philen, Joshua A., v22n4:29, 34

Philen, Joshua, v19n4:28, v20n1:34

Philen, Kinch, v29n4:26

Philen, Klach, v34n3:24

Philen, Leverns C., v16n3:30

Philen, M. L., v33n3:23

Philen, Madison, v33n1:32

Philen, Martha, v19n4:28, v20n1:34

Philen, Morris, v34n1:24

Philen, Oliva, v16n3:29

Philen, S. E., v23n2:48

Philen, Sarah, v38n2:16

Philen, Simeon, v32n3:24

Philen, Weslep, v24n4:31

Philen, William, v27n1:43

Philes, Simeon, v32n2:26

Phililips, Isaiah, v23n4:35

Philio, William ap Jenkin, v9n4:20

Philip Coe League, v13n4:29

Philipp, v42n3 912, 14, 16

Philips, A. H., v1n1:7

Philips, Abram, v4n3:16

Philips, Charles, v2n3:33

Philips, Clemont, v2n1:7

Philips, Elijah, v2n3:33

Philips, George, v23n4:27

Philips, Isham B., v25n2:19

Philips, Isom, v4n3:17

Philips, James L., v1n1:8, v23n4:27, v27n4:12

Philips, John, v2n1:7, v4n3:17, v26n1:25

Philips, Joseph, v28n1:11

Philips, M. A., v32n1:22

Philips, Mary Virginia, v12n3:46

Philips, Zachariah, v26n3:38

Phill, William, v6n3:8

Phillies, v33n1:7, 9-10

Phillip, John, v1n1:8, v27n4:12

Phillippe, Louis, v28n1:5

Phillippi, Bo, v18n2:13

Phillips High School, v38n3:8

Phillips' Spring, v26n4:16

Phillips, (NFN), v16n4:29, v26n4:30

Phillips, A. H., v23n4:19, 35, v27n4:10

Phillips, A. J., v24n2:19

Phillips, Alma Louise, v16n1:38

Phillips, Alma S., v16n1:38

Phillips, Alma, v16n1:38

Phillips, Ann, v1n4:6

Phillips, B. G., v21n2:30

Phillips, Benjamin, v2n1:7, v2n3:34

Phillips, C. C., v35n4:25

Phillips, C. W., v25n3:41

Phillips, Caroline, v2n4:31

Phillips, Charles W., v10n3:2

Phillips, Charles Woodley, v10n3:2, v18n1:10

Phillips, Charles, v1n1:8, v3n4:8, v6n2:11, v19n1:40, v23n4:17, 32-33, v24n2:19, v27n4:13, v28n3:19, 23, 25

Phillips, Charlie, v2n3:2

Phillips, Corline, v2n4:30

Phillips, David, v1n1:9, v3n4:8, v27n4:14-15

Phillips, Dick, v19n4:3

Phillips, E., v26n2:19

Phillips, Earl, v8n3:71

Phillips, Elijah, v18n1:10

Phillips, Eliza (Elija) A., v10n3:2

Phillips, Eliza, v10n3:2

Phillips, Ella (Holly), v2n3:2

Phillips, Eva Mae, v16n1:38

Phillips, Fant, v2n3:2

Phillips, Frances, v34n2:20

Phillips, G. W., v24n2:18, v34n1:28, v34n2:20, v35n3:32

Phillips, George F., v21n1:10

Phillips, George, v2n1:6, v3n4:8, v23n4:17

Phillips, Henry W., v16n1:38

Phillips, Horrie G., v8n3:71

Phillips, Iredell L., v23n4:37

Phillips, Irene, v16n1:38

Phillips, Isaac G., v16n1:38

Phillips, Isham, v23n4:37

Phillips, J. B., v24n4:33

Phillips, J. C., v7n3:69

Phillips, J. E., v8n3:72

Phillips, J. K. P., v24n2:17

Phillips, J. S., v23n4:17

Phillips, J. W., v33n4:27

Phillips, James E., v15n3:4

Phillips, James L., v2n1:6, v3n4:8, v5n2:19, v23n4:19, v26n3:41

Phillips, James, v3n3:25, v23n4:22, v26n4:21

Phillips, Jeff C., v16n1:38

Phillips, Jeremiah, v25n2:19

Phillips, John A., v16n4:35, v17n4:33

Phillips, John, v1n1:8, v3n3:25, v6n3:8, v21n3:8, v23n4:16, 22, v27n4:13, v33n2:28

Phillips, Joseph, v1n2:8, v3n4:4, 8, v6n2:12, v6n3:7-8, v10n1:22, v21n3:8, 23, v25n2:19, v29n3:1

Phillips, Julius, v2n3:2

Phillips, L., v4n3:9

Phillips, Leander, v8n3:73

Phillips, Lena Evelyn, v2n3:2

Phillips, Leora, v2n3:2

Phillips, Levin, v26n3:41

Phillips, Lewis, v26n2:25

Phillips, Lillie, v13n1:42

Phillips, Louis, v2n3:2

Phillips, Lovedy, v16n1:38

Phillips, Lucinda, v7n4:87

Phillips, Madison, v35n4:26

Phillips, Margaret Eva Hall, v16n1:38

Phillips, Marge, v10n3:2

Phillips, Martha, v10n3:2

Phillips, Mary A., v11n4:5

Phillips, Mary Barlow, v18n1:10

Phillips, Mary J., v38n1:25

Phillips, Mary L., v7n4:87

Phillips, Mary, v10n3:2

Phillips, Mattie Lee Kimbrough, v33n2:16

Phillips, N. B., v17n1:26

Phillips, N. G., v15n4:18, v17n4:28, v20n1:36, v23n3:25

Phillips, Nancy A., v16n1:38

Phillips, Nancy Jane, v18n1:10

Phillips, Nancy McGrew, v26n3:41

Phillips, Nancy, v26n3:41, v34n1:28, v34n2:20

Phillips, Nelly, v2n3:35

Phillips, P. S., v22n4:33

Phillips, Prudence S., v20n1:36

Phillips, Ray, v17n3:6, v20n1:16

Phillips, Richard, v3n4:8, v19n4:3

Phillips, Robert H., v1n1:6, v2n1:6, v3n4:8, v16n1:28, v27n4:8

Phillips, Robert, v5n2:19, v35n2:3

Phillips, Roda, v8n3:72

Phillips, Sarah, v17n4:31, v26n3:3, 5, v28n3:19, 24-26, v37n1:32

Phillips, Sterling Valdez, v16n1:38

Phillips, Sytha, v1n4:10

Phillips, Thelma, v33n3:3

Phillips, Thomas M., v10n3:2

Phillips, Thomas, v2n1:6, v3n4:8, v6n2:11, v21n3:23

Phillips, v38n2 31

Phillips, W. R., v16n1:38

Phillips, Walter O'Neal, v15n2:14

Phillips, William M., v24n2:17

Phillips, William Robert, v16n1:38

Phillips, William, v2n1:6, v3n4:8, v14n4:18, v20n4:34

Phillips, Z. A., v25n3:26

Phillips, Z., v13n3:40

Phillips, Zachariah, v26n3:37, 39

Phillipses, James L., v6n3:8, v6n4:12

Phillis (NLN), v16n1:16

Philman, (NFN), v20n1:34

Philman, L., v24n3:25, v35n3:32

Philmon, Lafayette, v17n3:31

Philon, Eliza, v10n2:10

Philpot, John, v2n1:6

Philpot, Thomas, v3n4:8

Phoenix Bridge Company, v37n1:10

Phoenix City, GA, v3n1:18

Phoenix Construction Company, v37n1:7

Phoenix Plantation, v34n4:11, 16-18

Phoenix, AZ, v10n3:12-14

Phoenix, v16n1:12, v20n4:12

Phorez, J. N., v13n1:43

Phorez, Lula, v13n1:41

Piachi, v11n2:9-10, 12-13, v12n2:4, 9, v13n1:16, v13n2:14, v14n2:5, v14n4:11

Piamingo Hometah, v25n4:12-13, 15, 17

Piamingo's Territory, v25n4:12

Pick, J., v22n1:33

Picken, A., v24n2:28, v25n3:32

Picken, Archibald, v23n3:27, v25n1:36

Picken, T. F., v21n4:4

Pickens County, v4n3:6, v8n3:64, v12n1:2, v14n4:19, v20n2:18

Pickens' Landing, v35n1:32

Pickens Landing, v4n1:12, 14

Pickens Trail, v21n3:15

Pickens, (NFN), v23n4:15

Pickens, A. J., v32n2:25

Pickens, A., v16n1:28, v16n2:19, v20n1:34

Pickens, Almira, v14n3:17

Pickens, Alonzo D., v4n1:26

Pickens, Alonzo DeBruhle, v14n3:15

Pickens, Andrew J., v14n3:13, 16, v17n2:28

Pickens, Andrew, v2n3:34, v14n3:10-11, 17, v17n3:28, v27n3:9-10

Pickens, Ann, v14n3:14

Pickens, Anna L., v14n3:17

Pickens, B. F., v29n4:39

Pickens, B. J., v38n1:28

Pickens, B., v37n4::29

Pickens, Beler, v4n1:34

Pickens, Benjamin F., v22n1:5

Pickens, Benjamin Franklin, v14n3:13, 15-17

Pickens, Benjamine F., v3n2:31

Pickens, Bessie Leland, v14n3:16

Pickens, Catharine, v29n4:39

Pickens, Catherine E., v14n3:17

Pickens, Catherine Elizabeth, v14n3:15

Pickens, Catherine, v14n3:11, 17, v21n4:35-36

Pickens, Cora Bell, v14n3:15

Pickens, Cora Belle, v3n2:33

Pickens, Dora Alice, v14n3:15

Pickens, Dora, v14n3:16

Pickens, Duncan, v14n3:15, v24n3:27, v29n4:39

Pickens, Easter Rebecca, v14n3:13

Pickens, Eleanor, v14n3:10-14

Pickens, Eliza Jane, v2n1:11, v14n3:17

Pickens, Elizabeth Jane, v14n3:17

Pickens, Elizabeth, v14n3:10

Pickens, Emma Jane Henrietta Bond, v4n1:34

Pickens, Emmaline, v14n3:17

Pickens, Ethel Johnson, v3n2:32

Pickens, Ethel Vance, v14n3:15

Pickens, Eugene, v14n3:15

Pickens, Ezekiel, v14n3:17

Pickens, Frank Leslie, v3n2:32, v14n3:15

Pickens, Frazier, v13n3:27, 29

Pickens, G. W., v29n4:39

Pickens, Gabriel, v14n3:10

Pickens, George W., v14n3:16

Pickens, George Washington, v14n3:16

Pickens, Gladys Miller, v14n3:15, v22n1:5

Pickens, H. L., v4n1:34

Pickens, Henry Louis, v4n1:34

Pickens, I., v23n4:19

Pickens, Israel, v1n2:9-10, v14n3:10, v21n3:8, v22n1:14, v23n4:27, 33, v24n1:15, v26n1:20

Pickens, J. I., v36n3:26

Pickens, J. L., v3n2:33, v29n4:39, v30n1:24, v33n1:33

Pickens, J. M., v28n1:28, v28n4:27, v29n2:28, v32n2:23, v32n4:20

Pickens, J. S., v5n2:12-15

Pickens, James D., v14n3:13

Pickens, James L., v14n3:14

Pickens, James, v2n1:7, v14n3:13, 17, v17n2:19, v23n4:16

Pickens, Jane C., v14n3:13

Pickens, Jean Bonneau, v14n3:10

Pickens, Jean, v14n3:11

Pickens, Jesse D., v14n3:15

Pickens, Joe R., v21n4:4

Pickens, John M., v14n3:17, v24n4:31, v25n2:24, v25n3:41, v32n4:19, v35n4:26

Pickens, John W., v14n3:13

Pickens, John, v2n3:35, v3n4:8, v14n3:10-14, 17, v22n1:19

Pickens, Joseph L., v34n4:32

Pickens, Joseph Love, v14n3:15

Pickens, Joseph Robert, v3n2:32, v14n3:15

Pickens, Joseph, v2n3:35, v12n4:4, v14n3:11-12, 14, 16, v22n1:19

Pickens, Lillie Alma, v14n3:15

Pickens, Lucy, v1n4:5, v14n3:10, 17

Pickens, M. F., v35n4:26

Pickens, Maggie DeBurle, v3n2:31

Pickens, Maggie May, v25n3:3

Pickens, Malissa, v14n3:17

Pickens, Margaret Mae, v14n3:15

Pickens, Margaret, v14n3:10-11, 14, 17

Pickens, Martha, v14n3:10, 13, 17

Pickens, Mary A., v14n3:17

Pickens, Mary Ann, v14n3:14-15

Pickens, Mary E., v32n4:20, 22

Pickens, Mary Helen, v14n3:16

Pickens, Mary, v3n2:33, v14n3:11-12

Pickens, Matilda, v14n3:13

Pickens, Maude, v14n3:15

Pickens, Melissa, v14n3:16, v29n4:39

Pickens, Moses, v2n1:6

Pickens, N. F., v24n3:27

Pickens, Nancy, v14n3:17

Pickens, Nannie E., v31n3:34

Pickens, Narcissa E., v14n3:13

Pickens, Narcissus C., v14n3:13

Pickens, Newton Pinckney, v14n3:13

Pickens, R. S., v20n1:34

Pickens, Rial L., v14n3:17

Pickens, Robert A., v14n3:17, v31n3:34

Pickens, Robert, v2n1:6, v14n3:10, 13

Pickens, Ruby Armistead, v4n1:26

Pickens, S. J., v5n2:14-15, v24n2:24, v25n3:41, v28n1:28, v33n4:28

Pickens, Samuel, v23n4:27

Pickens, Sanford Middleton, v14n3:13

Pickens, Sarah Jane, v14n3:13

Pickens, Sarah, v4n1:34, v14n3:13

Pickens, Sion J., v14n3:15

Pickens, Susannah, v14n3:17

Pickens, Thomas A., v14n3:13

Pickens, Thomas Frazer, v14n3:15

Pickens, Tim, v14n3:15

Pickens, Trice, v14n3:15

Pickens, W. T., v22n4:33, v23n4:49

Pickens, William Young, v14n3:13

Pickens, William, v14n3:10-11, 17, v23n4:24, v24n3:27

Pickens, Zerubrah, v14n3:10

Pickensville, v8n1:10, v22n1:25, v31n1:39

Pickering, Aaron, v1n1:7

Pickering, Fanny, v32n1:24

Pickering, John, v1n1:7, v25n2:19, v26n1:19, v27n4:11

Pickering, Sarah, v23n4:22

Pickerson, Moses, v3n4:8

Pickett Papers, v22n4:6

Pickett, A. J., v7n1:18, v8n2:30, 48, 52, v21n4:7, v22n4:6, v34n1:13

Pickett, Albert J., v17n2:12, v24n2:11, v27n1:30

Pickett, Albert James, v2n2:14, v14n4:17, v25n2:4, 6-7, v26n1:23, v26n3:38-39, v37n4::8

Pickett, Albert T., v18n4:6

Pickett, General, v37n4::8

Pickett, George Bailey, v10n3:19

Pickett, J., v31n3:6

Pickett, Ruth Ezell, v10n3:19

Pickett, v44n3 1921, 25

Pickett, W. R., v7n1:22, v12n2:23, v31n1:32

Pickett, William R., v7n1:18

Pickett's Charge of the West, v36n4:8

Pickett's History, v1n1:27, v2n2:14, v3n2:15, v31n3:6

Pickings, Andrew, v2n1:7

Pickings, Ann, v1n4:7

Pickings, Elenor, v1n4:9

Pickings, Joseph, v2n1:6

Pickings, Marey, v2n1:4

Pickins, Andrew, v11n4:4

Pickins, B. F., v2n2:26

Pickins, J. M., v2n2:25

Pickins, James R., v7n3:75

Pickins, John M., v7n3:75

Pickle, Desdemonia, v1n4:7

Picon, Robert, v14n3:10

Pidlen, Morris, v34n1:26

Pidlen, Wesley, v33n3:25

Piedmont Park, v35n1:11

Piedmont, v21n4:17, v30n3:22, 25

Pierce, Franklin, v28n1:5

Pierce, Hubbell, v1n2:2

Pierce, J., v22n2:15

Pierce, John, v19n4:18, v25n2:19

Pierce, Lewis, v19n1:37

Pierce, Louise, v17n4:19

Pierce, Onie, v17n4:19

Pierce, Orne L., v17n4:17

Pierce, Pettis, v13n3:29

Pierce, Sarah Lucy, v21n4:28

Pierce, Thomas, v23n4:30

Pierce, Thompson & Company, v35n2:27

Pierce, v17n1:16

Pierce, William Hubbell, v1n2:2

Pierce, William, v1n1:7, v22n2:15, v25n2:19

Pietruszka, Allen, v14n4:21

Pigeon Creek Baptist Church, v38n1:27

Pigeon Creek, v22n2:21, v26n4:31

Pigeon Roost, MS, v25n1:13

Pigott, Sybil, v13n4:4

Pike County, Georgia, v30n4:27

Pike County, v1n1:30, v3n3:2, v9n1:9, v14n4:2, v15n3:1, v17n4:30, v32n2:19, v36n2:20

Pike, Infant daughter, v3n1:31

Pike, L., v22n1:26, v22n3:40

Pike, Levi, v16n1:22

Pike, Lucy, v3n1:31

Pike, Margaret, v14n3:10

Pike, Robert, v3n1:31

Pike, Tom, v14n4:8

Pike, v43n1 8, 18, 20

Pilate, (NFN), v22n1:20

Pilen, Abram, v26n2:30

Pilgrim's Rest Baptist Church, v32n2:10, 13

Pillans, (NFN), v30n2:29

Pillans, H., v34n2:21

Pillans, Harry, v18n4:36, v20n4:26, v21n1:27, v29n3:24, v31n3:35

Pillans, P. J., v20n4:26, v30n1:28

Pilley, (NFN), v26n2:18

Pilley, C. B., v2n4:26, 33, v34n1:24

Pilley, Charles B., v15n2:14

Pilley, Lollie, v2n4:26

Pillow, Dick, v24n1:31

Pin Lala, v27n1:8

Pinckney, Barbara, v1n2:26

Pinckney, Charles, v23n3:14

Pine Chapel #1 Missionary Baptist Church, v37n4::14

Pine Chapel #2 Missionary Baptist Church, v37n4::14

Pine City Community Concert Association, v37n4::24

Pine City, v37n4::23

Pine Crest Cemetery, v1n2:15, v7n1:4, v8n3:55, v13n4:41, v14n1:31-32, 48, v14n4:6, v15n1:22, v15n4:22, v17n4:19, v19n3:16, v21n3:7, v23n2:5, v26n4:4, v27n2:29, v36n4:10

Pine Crest, v28n2:19

Pine Flat, v16n3:21

Pine Grove Methodist Church Cemetery, v2n4:20

Pine Grove United Methodist Church, v28n1:6

Pine Hill Cemetery, v31n1:20

Pine Hill, v1n3:22, v2n4:15, v6n4:21, v7n4:100-1, v14n3:15, v17n1:15, v18n3:10, v20n2:26, v26n1:13, v29n1:11, v30n1:21, v32n4:15, v33n4:21, v36n4:19

Pine Jackson, v3n4:20, v16n3:21, v18n3:31

Pine Knob, v22n4:22

Pine Level District, v16n1:1, v20n2:5

Pine Level Land Company, v3n1:16, v6n1:22, v14n1:20, v17n1:8, v23n2:22

Pine Level, v6n2:12, v6n3:6-8, v8n2:31, v9n3:16, v14n1:20, 31, v15n1:29, v16n3:21, v16n4:8, v17n1:8, v17n2:7, v21n2:3, 22-23, v22n1:14, v23n2:22, v26n4:16-17, 30, v32n4:5

Pine Tree Hill, v18n3:11

Pine, Adam, v1n4:40, v3n1:12, v17n2:28, v22n1:34, v24n1:25

Pine, Andrew, v14n4:20

Pine, Ann Eliza, v3n1:12

Pine, Ann, v32n4:19, v34n2:19

Pine, D., v25n3:41

Pine, David, v3n1:12, v17n2:28, v19n2:32, v19n3:34, v22n1:34, v24n1:25, v24n2:24, v25n3:34, v32n4:19, v38n3:25

Pine, Ellen E., v6n3:27

Pine, F. G., v19n3:34

Pine, H. C., v6n3:27

Pine, Harriet, v33n4:28

Pine, Martha C., v2n4:30

Pine, Samuel, v3n1:12

Pine, W. L., v38n3:25

Pine, Washington L., v2n4:29

Pine, William, v3n1:12

Pineapple, v34n1:18, v34n2:7

Pines, David, v17n1:16

Pineville, v5n3:20, v6n2:20, v18n3:22, v18n4:15, 40, v21n1:2, v21n2:29-30, v24n4:32, v28n1:14, v28n4:26, v29n4:34, v33n2:21

Piney Woods Creek, v5n4:7

Pineywoods Creek, v5n4:7

Piniel Cemetery, v22n2:6

Pinkney, Reuben, v12n2:22

Pinkston, Gladwyn E., v29n3:12

Pinson, v8n3:56, v14n1:4

Pioneer Day, v26n3:1, 7, v26n4:7, v29n1:4, v31n3:1-2, v32n3:1, 15, v32n4:1, v35n2:3-4, v38n3:1

Pioneer Days, v25n4:1, v33n3:1

Pioneer, v22n1:20-21, v26n1:1

Piper, James, v23n4:17

Pipken, E. M., v21n4:25

Pipkin, Alice, v21n4:25

Pipkin, Ann Marks, v21n4:21

Pipkin, Ann, v21n4:24-25

Pipkin, E. M., v21n4:27

Pipkin, Edgar, v21n4:25-27

Pipkin, Julia, v21n4:25

Pipkin, Lura, v21n4:25

Pipkin, Nancy, v23n4:16

Pipkin, William, v22n2:20

Pippen, Ed, v11n4:21

Pippen, Elias, v11n4:21

Pippen, William, v1n1:7

Pippens, John, v1n1:7, v27n4:9

Pippin, Elias, v20n4:2, v35n1:24

Pippin, v41n4 1314

Pippin, Willie, v35n1:25

Pippins, John, v2n3:35

Pippins, Philip, v31n2:26

Pippins, William, v2n3:31

Pirkins, Isham, v15n3:29

Pirscher, Charles, v21n2:14-15

Pisgah Church, v23n1:39

Pisgha, v7n4:104

Pistall, Drury, v23n4:37

Pistol, Charles, v23n4:24

Pitchlyn, John, v25n1:9, v25n4:11

Pitchlyn, Major, v26n1:21

Pitchlynn, James, v25n1:9, v25n4:11

Pitchlynn, John, v25n1:14

Pitchlynn, John, v43n3 11, 1315, 18

Pitchlynns, v43n3 14, 1718

Pitfield, J. L., v18n2:26

Pitman, Annie Eliza, v2n4:31

Pitman, Daisy M., v12n3:46

Pitman, Dollie, v2n4:30-31

Pitman, Elloweise, v8n1:17

Pitman, Eloise, v16n2:6

Pitman, I. J., v8n1:10, v30n2:15

Pitman, Infant daughter, v12n3:46

Pitman, Isac, v12n3:46

Pitman, J. J., v30n2:14

Pitman, Jacob, v3n4:8

Pitman, James, v2n4:30-31

Pitman, John, v12n3:46, v24n3:23

Pitman, Katie, v34n3:24

Pitman, L. H., v12n3:46

Pitman, Lillie Fleming, v12n3:46

Pitman, Maggie, v8n1:17

Pitman, Mary E., v12n3:46

Pitman, N. F., v18n2:24

Pitman, N. T., v7n2:39, v19n3:32, v21n3:30

Pitman, Ray, v29n1:14

Pitman, Thomas, v24n2:18

Pitman, W. G., v12n3:46

Pitman, William Gordon, v12n3:46

Pitmann, N. T., v19n2:24

Pitt County, v14n1:20

Pittkins, Israel, v23n4:24

Pittman, Amia, v23n1:7

Pittman, Annie, v23n1:7-8

Pittman, E. D., v6n1:20

Pittman, Edith A., v38n1:26

Pittman, James, v23n1:7

Pittman, Mary Ella, v2n4:31

Pittman, Nancy, v23n1:7

Pittman, Sara Belle, v6n1:20

Pitts Bridge, v5n4:8

Pitts, (NFN), v21n3:29

Pitts, Connie Maybell, v19n1:10

Pitts, Elmer, v2n4:35, v28n4:18

Pitts, Mary, v8n4:91

Pitts, Silas, v10n1:18

Pitts, v39n1 7

Pitts, W. D., v18n3:39

Pittsburg, PA, v5n4:18-19, v13n3:35, v31n1:36

Pittsburgh, PA, v18n4:16-17, 19, v19n4:10, v24n2:10, v28n2:10

Pittsylvania County, VA, v2n3:27, v16n4:8

Pix, W. H., v29n4:27

Pizzarro, (NFN), v11n2:6

Plaisance, A., v1n2:6

Plaise, Murich, v23n4:22

Planch, D. A., v28n2:12, 21

Planing Mills, v27n1:24

Plant, George F., v16n4:27

Plantation Plain, v14n3:8

Planter, v18n4:18

Planters' Hotel, v16n2:25

Plantersville, v31n1:29, 38

Plateau Church, v34n2:7

Plateau, v21n3:9, v34n2:7-9

Platt, Fernanda Amaya, v16n2:5

Platt, John, v16n2:5

Platt, Lucia, v16n2:5

Plattsburg, v20n1:16

Pleasant Crenshaw, v4n1:28, v20n4:34

Pleasant Drinkard, v28n2:7, v32n4:6

Pleasant Grove Baptist Church, v24n2:28, v30n2:12-14, 16

Pleasant Grove Cemetery, v19n3:15

Pleasant Grove Cemetery., v30n2:14

Pleasant Grove Church, v23n1:39, v33n3:9

Pleasant Grove Community, v32n2:5

Pleasant Grove, v9n1:19-20, v27n2:7, v32n4:6, v34n2:6, 8

Pleasant Hill Beat, v8n2:39, v16n3:28, v18n2:23, v20n4:33, v23n2:48, v24n3:26, v25n2:21, v27n3:30, v31n1:37, v32n2:26, v33n2:25, 27, v36n1:29, v36n2:20, v38n3:27

Pleasant Hill Cemetery, v6n3:14, v12n3:4, v16n4:9, 14, v28n2:7

Pleasant Hill Church, v29n3:6

Pleasant Hill Methodist Church, v16n3:27-29, 32-33, v28n2:5-6

Pleasant Hill Precinct, v17n2:22

Pleasant Hill, v12n3:4, v16n3:27-29, 32-33, v16n4:6, 8-9, 11-12, 14, v18n1:5, 24, v19n2:32, v22n1:26, v22n2:30, v22n3:38, v22n4:33, v23n3:28, v24n2:24, v25n3:34, v26n1:35, v28n2:5, 7, 36, v29n1:34, 36, v29n2:28, v31n2:23, v32n3:22, v32n4:6, v38n2:23

Pleasant Hills, v17n1:5

Pleasant, Henry, v5n1:13

Pledger, Elias, v23n4:35

Pledger, Minnie E., v35n2:14

Pledger, Oscar C., v35n2:14

Pledger, William A., v23n4:16

Plumb Creek, v22n4:19

Plummer Home, v9n2:3

Plummer, Bobbie, v9n2:3

Plummer, Frances, v34n2:15

Plummer, Harvey, v10n3:20

Plummer, Margaret Ann, v10n3:20

Plummer, R. H., v29n1:9

Plummer, Ralph, v35n1:12

Plunkett, Rosa O., v23n2:35

Plymouth, MA, v3n4:34

pneumonia, v19n2:15, 17, 22, 24

Po Valley, v35n2:16-17

Pocoson River, v14n1:11

Podgett, (NFN), v27n1:10

Poearce, George A., v36n1:32

Poelinitz, Josephine, v35n1:30

Poelinitz, William H. H., v35n1:30

Poellnitz, Henry, v23n3:23

Poellnitz, J. E., v12n2:16

Poe's Landing, v26n2:8

Pogue Cemetery, v1n2:24, v35n3:2

Pogue Plantation, v37n1:19

Pogue, (NFN), v23n4:44

Pogue, Amanda C., v16n2:29, v16n3:13

Pogue, Anne C., v17n2:4

Pogue, Caroline A., v10n2:10

Pogue, David, v1n2:24, v2n1:17, v2n3:34, v3n4:8, v17n2:4, v20n2:11, v24n1:30, v35n3:2

Pogue, Dick, v32n1:21

Pogue, Eliza J., v10n2:10

Pogue, Eliza, v1n4:5

Pogue, Elizabeth Bostick, v1n2:24, v2n1:17, v17n2:4

Pogue, Elizabeth, v1n2:24, v23n1:4

Pogue, Henrietta, v29n1:26

Pogue, J. B., v7n1:20, v7n3:67, v16n1:18-19, v16n2:19, v18n2:19, v19n3:33, v34n4:28

Pogue, J. D., v2n1:16, v7n3:67, v24n2:24, v24n4:35, v25n2:22, 29, v25n3:41, v27n1:39, v27n3:21, v30n4:31, v31n3:29

Pogue, J. David, v25n3:35, v29n1:26

Pogue, James D., v10n2:9

Pogue, James David, v17n2:4

Pogue, Joseph B., v16n2:29, v16n3:13, v22n1:23, v34n4:27

Pogue, Julia Anne, v2n1:9

Pogue, Levi S., v10n2:9

Pogue, Levi Sparks, v17n2:4

Pogue, Levi Spinks, v17n2:4

Pogue, Martha, v2n1:17

Pogue, P. H., v19n1:35, v20n2:24

Pogue, Pamella, v2n1:7

Pogue, Pinckney, v13n4:44

Pogue, Pink H., v20n2:20

Pogue, Pink, v21n3:38

Pogue, Pink. H., v25n2:21

Pogue, Pinkey, v6n3:24

Pogue, Robert, v2n3:34, v3n4:8, v6n2:11

Pogue, Thornton, v34n1:22

Pogue, Vernon Slater, v12n2:30

Pogus, David, v15n3:25

Poillon, Captain, v22n2:26

Point Clear Hotel, v29n3:25

Point Clear, v1n3:2, v9n2:4, v17n1:7, v17n4:20, v18n4:18-19, v20n3:2, v21n2:6, v22n3:40, v23n3:40, v23n4:47, v24n4:14, v28n2:27, v30n1:5, v32n4:20

Point Lookout P.O.W, v29n1:24

Point Lookout Park, v24n1:22, v30n1:8

Point Lookout, MD, v21n2:31, v29n1:24, v36n1:24, 26

Poitevent, Adolph, v29n2:14

Poland, Elizabeth, v29n4:39

Pole Branch, v13n4:5

Polk County, TX, v11n1:3

Polk, General, v20n3:24, v20n4:17, 27, v21n1:18, v36n4:7

Polk, James K., v6n4:23, v7n4:94, v19n1:14

Polk, James Knox, v29n2:22

Polk, Leonidas, v20n2:25, v21n1:12

Polk, Leonidias, v20n4:17

Polk, Napoleon B., v16n3:10

Polk, W. J., v22n4:33, v23n4:49

Polk's Corps, v25n4:26

Poll Bayou, v19n4:4, 17

Pollard, Charles T., v4n2:19

Pollard, Charles, v20n1:19

Pollard, Colonel, v20n1:26, 28

Pollard, John S., v4n2:8

Pollard, John, v4n3:16, v10n1:25

Pollard, Lvdie, v29n4:27

Pollard, Richard, v2n1:7

Pollard, v13n3:26-28, 37, v15n3:1, 3

Pollard, v43n1 21

Pollard, Virginia, v20n1:26

Pollard, William, v1n1:9, v27n4:15

Pollock, (NFN), v5n3:16

Pollock, J., v28n1:24, v28n2:23, v33n3:25

Pollock, James M., v16n2:21

Polly Colbert, v19n3:19

Pomeroy, v27n2:13

Pon, v39n2 1314, v45n4 21, 24, v47n3 1920, 23

Pongerayter, Albert, v22n3:19

Pongerayter, Paul, v22n3:19

Pongerayter, Pete, v12n3:46

Pongerayter, Peter, v22n3:19

Pongeraytor Family, v30n2:3

Pongeraytor, Albert, v30n4:5

Pongeraytor, Mattie J., v12n3:46

Pongeraytor, Mitchell, v30n4:7, 9, 16, 18, 20, 23

Pongeraytor, Paul, v30n4:5

Pongeraytor, Pete, v30n4:4-10, 16, 18, 20, 22-24

Pongeraytor, Peter, v22n3:28

Pongeraytor, v30n2:3

Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, v1n2:12, v12n3:22

Pontotoc County, MS, v14n3:14

Pontotoc, MS, v26n1:7

Pool, Gene, v13n1:7

Pool, J. H., v6n2:14

Pool, J. W., v16n2:20

Pool, J., v23n4:22

Pool, John, v3n4:8

Pool, L., v16n2:19, v16n4:29, 34

Pool, Labon P., v2n3:35

Pool, Lycurgus, v17n3:28

Pool, Phireby, v13n1:7

Poole Cemetery, v20n4:1

Poole, Annie M., v12n2:29

Poole, Bettie O., v5n3:20, v25n2:22

Poole, Bettie, v12n2:28

Poole, C. E., v12n2:28

Poole, C., v5n3:20, v8n1:6, v12n2:28, v23n1:34, v24n4:34, v25n2:22

Poole, Carl, v1n2:26

Poole, Carol Missouri, v19n1:10

Poole, Caroline E., v12n2:28, v36n4:35

Poole, Catherine, v1n2:26

Poole, Charles Will, v12n2:29

Poole, Charles, v9n4:13, v12n2:28-29, v18n1:29, v18n2:18, 22-23, v19n2:24, v22n1:28, v23n3:28, v23n4:50, v25n2:22, v25n3:34, v26n3:44, v29n4:29, v31n1:31, v31n2:28, v34n2:15, v36n2:24

Poole, Charlie, v12n2:28

Poole, D., v7n3:69

Poole, E. M., v12n2:28, v31n1:31

Poole, Elizabeth Maiben, v12n2:29

Poole, F. E., v24n2:1, v29n1:10

Poole, F. W., v9n3:11

Poole, Frank English, v12n2:29

Poole, Frank Englsih, v12n2:29

Poole, Frank, v9n4:13, v12n2:29

Poole, G. A., v1n2:26

Poole, Genettie, v1n2:26

Poole, George, v1n2:26

Poole, Henry C., v1n2:26

Poole, Ida Mary, v20n3:39

Poole, Ida Nary, v12n2:29

Poole, Isabella McColl, v12n2:29

Poole, Jewett. C., v18n1:24

Poole, Julia Christa, v12n2:29

Poole, Kittie, v12n2:28, v31n1:31

Poole, L., v12n2:28, v12n4:18-19, v16n1:26, v18n2:20, 25, v20n3:39, v23n1:34, v23n3:26, v23n4:46, v24n3:34

Poole, Laura, v34n3:23

Poole, Leonidas, v1n4:32

Poole, Loberta, v1n2:26

Poole, Lucurgus, v12n2:29

Poole, Lucy Elizabeth, v12n2:29

Poole, Lula, v1n2:26

Poole, Lycufus, v20n4:1

Poole, Lycurgus R., v12n2:28

Poole, Lycurgus, v12n2:29, v13n4:35, v16n3:24, v16n4:18, v18n1:23, v37n4::10

Poole, Lyenrgus, v36n4:35

Poole, M. H., v23n2:25

Poole, M. I., v12n2:17

Poole, M. Isabella, v20n3:39

Poole, Maggie Z., v1n2:26

Poole, Maiben P., v12n2:28

Poole, Marcie, v20n3:39

Poole, Martha P., v12n2:29

Poole, Martha Portis, v12n2:29

Poole, Martha, v12n2:28

Poole, Mary Ellen, v1n2:26, v19n2:5

Poole, Mobley, v12n2:28

Poole, Oney M., v31n1:31

Poole, Onie M., v12n2:28, v13n4:38, v36n4:32

Poole, Onie Mae, v7n2:41, v13n4:38

Poole, Onie, v2n4:37

Poole, Roswell, v26n1:37

Poole, Rozwell, v12n2:28, v13n4:38

Poole, Solon F., v12n2:29, v36n4:35

Poole, Timothy Lee, v19n1:10

Poole, Timothy, v1n2:26

POOLE, v36n4 28

Poole, v38n4 45, 78, v44n3 1618, v46n1 17

Poole, Vivienne, v16n1:38

Poole, W. R., v1n2:26, v25n3:34

Poole, Willie F., v12n2:28

Poole's Plantation, v29n3:16

Pooley, W. C., v1n3:7

Pool's Signal Service Barometer, v31n1:33

Poor House, v38n2:22

Poore, Charles, v10n1:35

Poore, James, v10n1:18

Poore, S. S., v23n4:36

Poorman (NLN), v20n1:22

Pooshama Stubbee, v25n4:13, 15

Pooshama, John McClary, v25n4:15

Pooshamattaha, v25n1:9, v25n4:11

Pooshame Takak, v25n4:13

Pooshametakak, v25n4:17

Pooshapukanuk District, v29n4:14

Pooshapukanuk, v19n4:8, v25n1:9, v25n4:11

Pooshemattahaw, James, v23n4:24

Pooshmattaha, v19n4:8

Pope, (NFN), v13n3:39, v13n4:44, v15n2:27, v20n3:38

Pope, A. E., v8n3:75

Pope, A. J., v2n2:25, v17n4:29, v23n2:48

Pope, A. L., v24n3:27

Pope, Allen, v2n3:33

Pope, Anderson, v2n1:7

Pope, Bagalla, v23n4:30

Pope, Barnaby, v19n1:7, v23n4:19

Pope, Barnizby, v2n3:34

Pope, Barselin, v23n4:27

Pope, Barzillai, v23n4:35

Pope, Bertha V., v4n1:35

Pope, Buck, v18n3:14

Pope, Calvin, v24n2:17

Pope, Charlie Bettis, v11n1:34

Pope, Charlotte Morgan, v11n1:34

Pope, Conley, v9n1:20

Pope, Cullen, v24n2:16, v29n1:23

Pope, Cullin, v20n4:34

Pope, Curtis Elijah, v8n3:68

Pope, Curtis, v37n4::2, 5

Pope, Cynthia, v19n1:8

Pope, Gladys Reid, v37n4::4-5

Pope, Helen C., v11n1:34

Pope, Helen, v10n3:15

Pope, Infant, v11n1:34

Pope, Isaac R., v11n1:34

Pope, Isaac Ricks, v23n2:5

Pope, Jaboze, v2n1:6

Pope, Jackson, v16n1:16

Pope, James Turner, v11n1:34

Pope, Jerry, v28n1:17

Pope, John L., v11n1:35

Pope, John W., v22n1:28

Pope, John, v9n1:20, v20n4:34, v24n2:17

Pope, Joseph, v4n3:30

Pope, Julia Ann, v19n1:23

Pope, Julianne, v1n4:5

Pope, L., v18n2:26, v22n3:38

Pope, Lewis, v6n4:19, v7n3:71, v10n2:12, v37n1:23

Pope, Louis, v6n4:20

Pope, Lucille R., v11n1:35

Pope, Lucinda, v19n1:8

Pope, Mamie J., v11n1:34

Pope, Margaret A., v22n1:28

Pope, Margaret, v18n3:14, v19n1:7

Pope, Martha W., v2n1:7

Pope, Mearitt Wilson, v11n1:34

Pope, Miss P. A., v26n1:37

Pope, Nellie E., v15n3:4

Pope, Peggy, v17n4:29

Pope, Permelia A., v6n4:7

Pope, Porter Allen, v11n1:34

Pope, Rachel, v11n1:34

Pope, S. D., v11n1:34

Pope, S. M., v11n1:33-34

Pope, Sallie Mae Tucker, v11n1:34

Pope, Sallie, v11n1:34

Pope, Sarah, v16n4:8

Pope, Shelton, v21n4:4

Pope, Silas D., v11n1:34

Pope, Silas M., v11n1:33

Pope, Solomon, v2n2:21

Pope, Thomas W., v4n1:35

Pope, Thomas, v19n1:8, v23n2:5

Pope, Thomas, v46n1 15

Pope, Tripp, v2n3:34

POPE, v37n1 21, 23

Pope, Virginia, v11n1:33

Pope, W. E., v35n3:31

Pope, William Rollen, v11n1:35

Pope, William, v25n2:19

Pope, Willie, v35n1:30

Pope, Zack, v11n1:33

Poplar Bluff, MS, v25n3:37

Poplarville, MS, v36n4:32, 35

Porcher, Catherine, v10n4:11

Porcher, Elizabeth, v10n4:11

Porcher, Harriet, v10n4:11

Porcher, Thomas, v10n4:11

Port Gibson Reveille, v16n3:5

Port Gibson, v20n2:32

Port Hudson, v20n3:37, v21n1:16, 18, 38

Port Neches, TX, v20n1:12

Port of Embarkation, v33n3:19

Port of Jackson, v22n1:18, 20

Port Richey, FL, v11n1:10

Port Saint Joe, FL, v10n3:14

Portagee, Lewis, v4n3:14

Porter Village, v1n3:19

Porter, Ann Augusta, v27n2:13

Porter, B. F., v4n3:7

Porter, Benjamin F., v18n1:15, 18

Porter, Carson, v27n2:13

Porter, David D., v20n4:9

Porter, Duke, v15n3:15

Porter, Elvira, v1n2:28, v31n1:8

Porter, Emeline M., v26n3:9-10

Porter, Emeline, v45n4 15, 17

Porter, F. M., v19n1:35, v20n2:24, v34n1:25

Porter, Fetner, v18n3:37

Porter, G., v30n2:26

Porter, Gardner, v15n3:15

Porter, Hattie M., v12n3:47

Porter, Henchey Osceola, v28n4:16

Porter, Hinchey O., v2n1:37

Porter, Howard W., v12n3:47

Porter, Howard, v29n1:12

Porter, Ira, v32n2:16

Porter, J. B., v22n4:1, v29n1:17

Porter, J. G. W., v15n3:15

Porter, J. W., v13n3:27, v20n3:12

Porter, James B., v19n1:16

Porter, James S., v10n1:21