June 4, 2014

(NFN) = no first name provided

(NLN) = no last name provided

Naming convention for each volume is: volume number, issue number (i.e.v22n3 for volume 22, no. 3)




Quaker Church, v38n2:12-13

Quakers, v1n3:11, v3n3:7, v8n4:85, 94, 96, v26n4:17, v27n1:11-12, v36n2:16-17, v38n2:12

Quaker School, v32n4:16

Qualls, Andrew Jackson, v11n3:4

Qualls, Levi, v10n1:25

Qualls, Mary Elizabeth, v11n3:4

Quantico, VA, v31n1:20

Quarels, John, v4n1:22

Quarles, Alice Vivian, v24n4:36

Quarles, G. W., v1n3:6, 8

Quarles, John, v5n4:24

Quartermaster, v37n2:24

Queen Ann, v13n4:2

Queen Anne, v14n2:8, v17n1:8, v18n1:31, v22n4:5, v27n2:3

Queen County, VA, v33n1:16

Queen Elizabeth, v4n1:6, v9n4:18

Queen Victoria, v18n4:15, v28n1:13

Quesenberry, Betty Robinson, v13n3:35

Quesenberry, George O., v13n3:43

Quesenberry, Sarah Mobley, v13n3:35

Quesenberry, Vivian, v13n3:35

Quick, Almira, v5n1:24

Quick, Bassett, v5n1:23

Quick, John T., v24n2:24

Quick, J. R., v16n3:16

Quick, J. T., v19n1:35, v20n2:24, v25n3:41

Quick, Martha, v5n1:24

Quick, Mary, v5n1:23

Quill, v1n3:6, 8

Quill, Captain, v31n3:33, v32n4:14

Quill, James, v30n4:35

Quill, John, v30n4:35

Quin, Henry, v4n3:15

Quin, Hugh, v4n3:14

Quincy Adams, v21n3:8

Quinea, Jane, v3n4:8

Quinley, Betty Graham, v14n3:3, v15n1:2, v17n2:17

Quinn, I. T., v21n4:3, v23n2:20, v25n4:4, v28n4:2, 17

Quinn, Mike, v14n4:8

Quinn, Vera, v20n4:4

Quinn, Vera Garrett, v13n2:1

Quinn, William, v2n3:28

Quinnelly, A., v1n1:9, v27n4:14

Quinney, J. M., v36n4:35

Quinny, Jane, v2n1:4

Quint, J. F., v20n2:30

Quirk, Thomas, v22n1:20

Quisle, O. C., v30n2:26

Quitman, MS, v1n4:41, v6n1:6, v6n2:5, v7n1:2, v16n2:20, v19n4:10, v26n1:21


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