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(NFN) = no first name provided

(NLN) = no last name provided

Naming convention for each volume is: volume number, issue number (i.e.v22n3 for volume 22, no. 3)




U. M. S. School, v32n1:13

U. S. Air Force, v37n4::20

U. S. Army, v1n1:42, v1n3:25, v4n4:21-22, v5n3:29, v17n1:20, v20n1:15, v24n1:20, v30n1:7, v34n3:7, v34n4:21, v18n2:19, v19n1:27, v22n4:21, v23n3:16

U. S. Army Corps, v5n1:14

U. S. Army Engineers, v37n1:11

U. S. Cavalry, v27n3:22

U. S. Constitution, v36n1:1

U. S. Department of the Interior, v27n3:5

U. S. Dragoons, v20n1:15

U. S. Ironclad Tecumseh, v30n1:7 v24n1:20

U. S. Marshall, v34n3:14

U. S. National Cemetery, v3n2:28

U. S. Naval Academy, v4n4:12

U. S. Navy, v35n3:23, v36n4:3

U. S. S. George Washington, v19n4:10

U. S. S. Tecumseh, v20n3:4

U.S. Cast Iron Pipe and Foundry Company, v27n2:14, 16

U-203, v38n4 10

U-boats, v38n4 10

Uchee Creek, v18n2:7, v34n1:6

Uchees, v2n2:13

Uhapman, Giles, v17n1:16

Uhl, Frederick E., v30n3:11

Ulbricht, Cheir, v21n4:4

Ulbricht, Dora Pickens, v14n3:15

Ulbricht, Frederick W., v14n3:10

Ulbricht, G. G., v6n4:8, v14n1:3, v33n1:1

Ulbricht, Gus, v21n4:4, v25n3:4

Ulbricht, Gustave Gatewood, v14n3:15

Ulbrlcht, Dora Pickens, v14n3:15

Ulcanush, v1n1:16, v2n3:11-15, 18, v6n1:8-9, v17n4:31, v23n3:5, v23n3:21

 Ulcanush Baptist Church, v23n3:5, v27n4:18

Ulcanush Cemetery, v3n3:31, v22n3:11, v23n1:7

Ulcanush Church, v22n1:23, v22n3:11, v33n4:25, v38n3:27

Ulcanush Creek, v22n3:9

Ulconush, v26n2:10, 14

Ulconush Church, v20n3:37, v23n1:39, v24n3:30, v27n3:22, v30n4:30, v37n3:22

Uleanush Baptist Church, v36n1:31

Uletlasset's Creek, v31n4:5

Ulibahali, v11n2:8-10

Ullibahahi, v12n2:23

Ullibahali, v11n2:9

Ulmer, (NFN), v3n1:8, v31n2:15

Ulmer, A. J., v25n3:41, v26n1:35

Ulmer, Barton, v13n3:28

Ulmer, C. B., v1n4:33

Ulmer, Clara C., v24n1:30, v25n3:35

Ulmer, Jennie, v10n2:19

Ulmer, Jennie M., v33n4:30

Ulmer, John, v2n3:23

Ulmer, John Janes, v13n2:34

Ulmer, John M., v16n1:16, v16n4:19, v21n1:41

Ulmer, Joseph, v27n1:43

Ulmer, Joseph C., v25n3:32

Ulmer, Maggie, v21n3:31

Ulmer, Maria L., v18n2:19

Ulmer, William Page Malett, v13n2:34

UMS Wrights, v35n1:15

Uncle Johnny Bumpers, v36n4 3

Underhill, B. G., v30n2:25

Underhill, F. M., v30n2:25

Underhill, L. Eloise, v11n1:38

Underwood, (NFN), v23n2:17

Underwood, C. J., v23n2:33

Underwood, Oscar W., v21n1:12

Union Armies, v27n4:6

Union Army, v1n1:4, 29, v17n4:10, v21n1:20, 22, v24n1:18, v25n3:12, v26n1:9, v26n3:4, 18, v27n2:10-11, v31n3:4, v36n1:24, v38n1:13

Union Baptist Church, v23n2:29-30, v32n4:7, v37n2:18-19

Union Camp, v24n4:17

Union Camp Ground, v30n3:29

Union Campground Cemetery, v28n3:13

Union Cavalry, v21n1:20, 22

Union Chapel, v26n2:12, 15, v27n4:17, v32n4:7, v38n3:12

Union Church, v22n1:32, v27n4:23, v28n3:13, v29n2:33, v29n3:22, v30n4:32-33, v32n2:9, v36n3:22, v37n3:18, v38n1:22

Union Church Campgrounds, v20n2:20

Union City, OH, v29n4:3

Union County, AR, v19n3:8, v37n1:28

Union Cross Roads, v5n4:19

Union Fleets, v11n3:5, 8

Union Forces, v36n4:6-8

Union League, v27n2:17

Union Methodist Church, v28n4:12, v31n1:6, 10, v32n2:9, v33n3:9

Union Mills, v19n2:24

Union Mission Cemetery, v16n4:5

Union Navy, v20n4:6, 9, v21n1:19-20, v32n4:13, 16

Union P.O.W. Camps, v29n1:21

Union Parish, LA, v21n2:6, v21n4:30-34, v33n1:17

Union School, v28n1:3

Union Soldiers, v37n2:5

Union Springs, v4n1:4, v26n2:8, v31n3:24

Union Town, v3n1:8, v19n1:16, 18-19

Union Troops, v37n2:4-5

Union's Army of the Cumberland, v37n2:5

Unions Mills, VA, v26n3:20

Uniontown, v7n1:19, v12n2:22, v16n2:26, v16n3:12, 20, v16n4:34, v17n4:29, v18n3:39, v20n4:41, v21n4:14, 16-17, v24n2:24, v27n3:20, v31n2:15, v31n4:16, v33n3:13, 22, v36n4:10, v37n1:7, v38n2:22

Uniontown, PA, v36n1:14

Uniontown and Jackson Railroad, v20n2:11

United Daughters of the Confederacy, v38n3:3

United Kingdom, v33n1:27

United States, v28n1:5, 13, 21, v29n3:9-12, v30n4:4, v31n1:23, 39, 41, v31n4:6, 12, v32n2:21, v32n3:16-17, 20, v32n4:16, v37n1:5, 12, 20, 26, v37n2:12, 24

United States Army, v35n2:16, 19

United States Marshal, v28n1:21, v28n4:35, v30n2:28

United States Marshall, v27n1:15

United States Merchant Marine, v33n1:22-23

United States Military Academy, v31n4:26

United States Volunteers, v25n2:5, v25n3:14

Universalist Church, v37n1:18

University of Alabama, v37n3:2

University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, v37n2:11

University of Alabama Museum, v38n2:11

University of Alabama's Society of Fine Arts' Alabama Arts Award, v36n1:4

University of Arkansas, v17n4:20

University of Chicago, v4n4:12-13, v9n4:3, v10n1:35, v23n2:10, v36n1:8

University of Edinburgh, v17n4:32

University of Florida, v35n3:18

University of Georgia, v11n2:7, v35n1:11

University of Glasgow, v22n3:34

University of Houston, v2n2:16

University of Louisiana, v10n2:15

University of Mississippi, v36n4:9

University of Montevallo, v36n1:4

University of North Alabama, v25n2:2

University of North Carolina, v19n4:9, v20n3:9, 14, v21n1:9

University of Pennsylvania, v19n1:16, v25n4:7, 10, v31n2:10

University of South Alabama, v20n2:3, v20n3:4, v21n3:26, v22n3:28, v25n2:2, v26n3:7, v28n1:11-12, v32n2:2-3, v33n2:4, v33n4:4, v38n1:1

University of South Carolina, v2n1:21, v24n1:15

University of Southern Mississippi, v10n4:1-2

University of Tennessee, v11n2:19, v26n1:7

University of Texas, v18n1:16, 18, v34n4:14, 19

University of Virginia, v2n2:3, 6, v13n4:36, v20n2:11, v31n2:10

University of Washington, v35n1:15, 17

University of West Florida, v13n1:10, 13

Upchurch, Elizabeth, v1n4:7

Upchurch, Harriette, v2n1:4

Upchurch, Moses, v2n1:10

Uphapee Creek, v11n2:10

Upper Bigbee, v22n4:29

Upper Creek Indians, v21n3:17

Upper Creek Nation, v34n4:14

Upper Creeks, v26n4:17

Upper Ferry, v37n4::25

Upper Salt Creek, v1n1:25

Upper Salt Reserve, v27n3:30, v27n4:28, v28n3:33

Upper Salt Works, v1n1:24, 26–27, 31, 33–38, v3n3:1, v3n4:1, v8n3:55, v11n3:6, 9-10, v15n1:24, v17n2:15-16, v24n2:20, 22, v26n1:7, v35n4:6, v37n2:24

Upper Salt Works , v1n1:24, 26–27, 31, 33–38

Upper Saltworks, v20n1:31

Upper Three Runs, SC, v3n4:34

Uquehart, James, v23n4:17

Urbana, VA, v36n2:16

Uriah, v15n4:2, v19n4:15-16, v21n2:2, v23n4:49, v24n1:32, v38n1:5

Uriah Gill, v23n4:49

Urquart, Daniel, v18n2:25

Urquart, H., v26n2:19

Urquhard, (NFN), v20n1:34

Urquhardt, Joel H., v12n3:2

Urquhart, Daniel, v18n3:38, v23n1:7, v24n2:14

Urquhart, D. B., v8n4:103

Urquhart, D. M., v19n1:35, v20n2:24

Urquhart, Georg L., v8n4:103

Urquhart, H., v16n4:26, 29, 35

Urquhart, Infant, v12n3:48

Urquhart, J. N., v20n4:34

Urquhart, Josiah, v24n2:14

Urquhart J. W., v2n2:25

USS Boise, v38n4 6, 8

USS Enterprise, v38n2:16

USS Guadalupe, v34n4:21

USS Maine Battleship, v33n4:23

USS Poole, v38n4 7–8

Ussery, Alex, v1n3:7

Utah, v7n4:95, v15n3:15, v21n3:21, v23n4:2, v25n2:1, v26n3:1, v38n3:2

Utopia, TX, v7n2:33

Uver, v47n3 18–19

Uwchlan Township, v30n3:20

Uxapita, v11n2:9, 11, v13n1:16

   VA, v36n1:18


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