(NFN) = no first name provided

(NLN) = no last name provided

Naming convention for each volume is: volume number, issue number (i.e.v22n3 for volume 22, no. 3)





The Yellow Rose of Texas, v30n1:10

The Yellow Watermelon, v30n1:2, v34n4:5

   Thomas Webb de, v13n4:40

   VA, v12n3:30-31

   VA, v4n3:5, 9, v27n3:10

   William Benjamin de, v13n4:40

Yancey Rifles, v18n3:37

Yancey, John, v23n4:28

Yancey, Mary E., v16n4:35

Yancey, W. L., v16n4:35

Yandy, F., v30n2:26

Yangtze River, v34n4:23

Yankee, v21n4:36-37, v22n1:25, 27, v25n4:21, v30n1:5, 7-9, 19, v31n3:8

Yankees, v29n2:22, v33n4:8-11

Yanks, v37n2:11

Yannce, Mary, v1n4:7

Yarborough, Joel, v23n4:20

Yarborough, Mary, v2n1:6

Yarbrough, (NFN), v36n4:5

Yarbrough, Alfred, v23n4:28

Yarbrough, George, v23n4:25

Yarbrough, Joel, v23n4:25

Yates, Allen C., v23n4:25, 35, v26n2:25

Yates, Charlie, v37n2:18

Yates, Clyde, v26n2:12

Yates, Florence, v30n2:25

Yates, Gholston, v26n2:12

Yates , v46n3 16

Yates, William, v1n1:8, v23n4:17

Yazoo City, MS, v16n1:10

Ychiaha, v11n2:9

Yellow Bluff River, v7n4:101

Yellow Bluff, v7n4:101, v16n4:24, v30n1:21

Yellow Fever Epidemic, v1n2:24-25, v2n2:6, v5n1:8, v13n4:33, 36

yellow fever epidemic, v5n4:13

Yellow Fever, v8n1:4, v12n2:13, v13n4:33, 36, v16n4:31-32, 34, v25n2:26, 28, 30, v27n3:21, v30n2:29, v31n3:3, 31, v32n3:25, v35n3:2, 32, v37n1:18

Yellow Jacket Bar, v23n1:33

Yoast, Andrew, v10n1:23

Yoaw, Charlie, v38n3:19

Yonkers, NY, v12n3:36

York and Joe White Cemetery, v3n3:31

York County, v18n3:16

York House, v33n1:20

York Mansion, v1n3:17, v17n1:1

York Town, VA, v4n1:7

York, A. D., v37n2:18

York, A. J., v2n2:27, v20n3:37, v24n3:23

York, Agnew, v8n1:17, v8n3:81

York, Alec J., v3n3:31

York, Alex, v12n3:49

York, Alexander J., v2n4:10, v12n3:49

York, Amanda F., v2n4:12

York, Anna, v3n3:31

York, B. W., v13n1:18

York, Barbra R., v20n3:37

York, Benjamin, v34n1:27

York, Bill, v30n1:24

York, Bohan W., v2n4:10, v16n4:29, v24n3:23

York, Bohan, v3n1:32, v3n3:31, v15n2:4

York, Chaste, v2n4:12

York, Chessa, v1n4:7, v2n4:12, v33n1:17

York, Chesterus, v3n3:31, v15n2:4

York, Curtis L., v12n3:49

York, Daisy, v8n1:17

York, Earl, v3n1:33

York, Ed, v2n3:18, v26n2:11

York, Edwin T., v12n3:49

York, Elizabeth Cox, v2n4:10

York, Elizabeth E., v3n1:33

York, Elizabeth Toland, v3n3:31

York, Elizabeth White, v3n1:2, v3n3:31, v24n3:6

York, Elizabeth, v2n4:12, v3n1:33, v3n3:31, v15n2:4, v18n3:38

York, Fannie Hurst Ruth, v2n4:13

York, Florenre B., v12n3:49

York, Frank, v2n4:13, v3n1:33

York, George W., v2n4:10

York, George, v3n3:31, v16n4:19, v24n3:23

York, H. E., v3n1:26, v8n3:81

York, Hannis M., v12n3:49

York, Hattie, v2n4:13

York, Henry Edward, v2n4:13

York, Ida, v12n3:49

York, Inez, v3n1:33

York, Infant daughter, v3n1:33, v12n3:49

York, Infant son, v2n4:13, v3n1:33

York, Infant, v12n3:49

York, J. J., v2n2:27, v2n3:18, v3n3:31, v5n2:7, v27n4:30

York, J. O., v3n1:33, 35, v8n1:10, v22n1:33, v26n2:31, v30n2:19, 23, v34n1:25

York, J. Oscar, v2n4:9, 12-13, v35n4:24

York, J. S., v2n3:16

York, Jabas, v2n3:32, v2n4:10

York, Jabez, v2n4:12, v3n3:31, v3n4:9, v7n3:78, v15n2:4, v18n1:9, v24n3:6

York, James A., v35n2:24

York, Jane McCoy, v3n3:31

York, Jane, v3n3:31, v15n2:4

York, Jean, v1n4:6, v2n4:10

York, Jebz, v7n3:78

York, Jim, v3n3:31, v8n1:17, v26n2:14

York, Joe C., v2n1:39, v2n4:13

York, Joe E., v1n3:1

York, John F., v12n3:49

York, John J., v1n4:33, v2n2:27, v2n4:10

York, John Montgomery, v33n1:17

York, John Percie, v3n1:33

York, John S., v3n1:33, v3n3:31

York, John, v2n1:11, v2n3:14, 32, v2n4:10, 12-13, v3n1:33, v3n3:31, v5n1:7, v5n2:9, v15n2:4, v16n4:19, 29

York, Jonathan, v10n1:24

York, Juaniece M., v22n2:38

York, Leona B., v2n2:27, v3n3:31

York, Lizzie, v2n3:16

York, Louise, v2n4:13

York, M. A., v3n1:27

York, M. C., v12n3:49, v34n1:22, 25, v34n3:21, v35n2:27, v38n3:23

York, M. Ida, v12n3:49

York, M. S., v17n2:29, v18n3:39, v19n3:32, v20n4:33, v21n2:29, 34, v22n1:26, 30, 33, v22n2:25, v22n4:39, v25n3:41, v28n1:23

York, Mack, v3n3:31

York, Maggie E., v3n1:25

York, Maggie, v2n4:13

York, Mahala Cunningham, v2n4:13

York, Mahala, v2n4:9, 12-13

York, Mahalie C., v3n1:25

York, Mamie, v3n3:31

York, Marion Agnew, v2n4:13

York, Marion Cage, v3n3:31

York, Marion S., v2n4:10, 12, v3n3:31, v15n2:4

York, Martha A., v16n4:29

York, Martha, v2n4:12, v3n3:31, v15n2:4

York, Mary Ann, v18n1:8-9, v24n3:6

York, Mary Blanch, v3n1:33

York, Mary Ida, v12n3:49

York, Mary, v2n3:14, v3n3:31, v15n2:4

York, Mattie E., v3n1:27

York, May J., v2n2:27

York, Mittie Cowan, v3n1:26

York, Mohalia, v3n1:33

York, Nora L., v12n3:49

York, Nora O., v12n3:49

York, O., v27n1:42

York, Oscar Agnew, v2n4:13, v3n1:27, v3n3:10

York, Oscar, v22n4:24

York, Penn, v36n3:23

York, Ruth, v8n1:17

York, S. B., v12n3:49

York, Shubal, v2n3:32

York, Shubel B., v2n4:12

York, Shubel, v2n4:10, 12, v3n3:31, v15n2:4

York, Shubell, v7n3:78

York, Shubul, v2n1:11

York, Simeon B., v12n3:49

York, Thomas, v10n1:24

York, Tommie, v3n1:33

York, v38n4 21, v45n3 19

York, v8n3:64, v11n4:3, v27n1:35

York, William, v10n1:22

Yorks, Jabaz, v6n3:8

Yorkshire, England, v6n4:3, v18n3:16

Yorktown, v33n1:16

Yoseloff, Thomas, v25n3:11

Younce, Julius, v5n4:7

Youncy, Julius, v2n1:11

Young Dunning, v38n4 9, 12

Young Gains, v43n3 14–15

young Tom Griffin, v44n2 9

Young Whooping King, v25n4:13

Young, Ben, v1n3:8

Young, Benjamin, v10n1:27

Young, Bird, v10n1:27

Young, Callie, v19n1:14

Young, Colonel, v27n3:14

Young, Daniel, v10n1:24

Young, Dennis, v33n4:11

Young, Elizabeth, v2n1:10

Young, George C., v24n3:32

Young, Hardaway, v15n1:19-20

Young, Harrison, v1n1:7, v6n3:6, v10n1:27

Young, James A., v12n2:16, v16n4:20

Young, James W., v1n4:3

Young, James, v1n1:6, v2n1:11

Young, Jane M., v10n2:11

Young, John, v4n3:17

Young, Owen, v15n1:19

Young, Pauline, v10n1:31, v11n4:24

Young, R. J., v30n1:12

Young, Thomas B., v2n3:33

Young, Toulmin W., v4n3:29

Young, William, v24n2:13

Youngblood, C. J., v11n3:17

Youngblood, Erasmus, v30n2:25

Youngblood, J. A., v3n4:12

Youngblood, John R., v4n4:27

Youngblood, Priscilla, v15n1:8

Younse, Julius, v2n3:33

Your Inheritance, v2n3:9, v7n1:22

Yugoslavia, v12n3:43



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