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Elijah Pugh

From the Chapman-Pugh Genealogy by Minnie May Pugh: Elijah Pugh, son of Jesse and Elizabeth Stewart Pugh, grandson of Thomas and Elizabeth Pugh, was born in 1760 in Orange or Guilford County, North Carolina. He moved with his parents to Wilkes County, Georgia in 1773 where grew up on his father’s plantation on Little River.

When he was 18-years-old, or in the latter part of 1778, he became a soldier of the Revolution, joining with his father in the patriot band led by Col. Elijah Clarke and fighting throughout the last three years of the War. He is listed as a private in the Georgia Militia. He saw much hard service.

His first experience on the battefield was a Kettle Creek in his home county. In the fighting in and around Augusta, a metallic flask was deeply dented while hanging on his chest. Although made of pewter, it was sufficient to protect his body from the force of round lead bullet fired from a flint and steel rifle.

After the War, Elijah was married in 1784 to Ruth Julian, a descendant of the French Hugenot family de St. Julien.

According to family tradition, Elijah Pugh and family came to what is now Clarke County, Alabama in 1812. Elijah’s son, Isaac, who had lived here a year, returned to Georgia and brought his parents, brothers and sisters here back with him.

Elijah died in 1824. He and Ruth are buried in the Pugh Family Cemetery, west of Grove Hill.

From Clarke County, Alabama and its Surroundings by T.H. Ball. “In 1811, there came from Georgia a soldier of the Revolution, Elijah Pugh, whose ancestors came from that noted principality of Wales, and were fellow countrymen of Christmas Evans. He had at least four brothers. Three of these, John William and Alexander Pugh, went to Indiana and settled near Indianapolis, where the descendants are still supposed to be living. Elijah Pugh had four sons who came also from Georgia to Clarke County; Isaac, Rezin, Jesse and Stephen. He had three daughters: Mirriam, who married Isaac Jackson; Achsah, who married Amos Robinson and later Giles Chapman; and Alvira, who married Joseph Hall. Elijah Pugh died in June 1824, being sixty-three years of age. Robert Pugh, a fourth brother of Elijah, came also from Georgia in 1811 and settled in the same neighborhood. Robert had three sons: Elijah, Kinman, and Meredith and four daughters: Betsey, who became Mrs. Smith and removed to Texas; Nancy, who became Mrs. Macon, and Martha, who married P. Jones.

Souces: Chapman Pugh Genealogy; Clarke County, Alabama and its Surroundings

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